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  1. Thank you, but I feel this is not required for Simple Accounting that only involves Simple Income and Simple Expenses and should offer the opportunity to dismiss it, in a way that it does not return to serve as an Annoyance. Thank You.
  2. I am using the Free Version of Express Accounts for my Home Accounts. I need the above reports to be of the Comparative Type, containing two (2) Columns, the Current Month End and the Year to Date, for Historical Comparison purposes. This is the regular method of Reporting in Australia and possibly other places also, but is missing in this Software. Can anyone enlighten me on ways to achieve this. Thank You.
  3. I am using the Free Version of Express Accounts. In my End of Month Reporting, I have a need to Print my Current Active Chart of Accounts containing Live Figures. This is not apparently possible, as there is no Print Button to Select. Has anyone found a workaround for this.
  4. I am using Express Accounts Free for my Home Accounting. I cannot understand the need for the Accounts Popup that appears at various times, and if Cancelled or Closed, is replaced by another which talks about the need to identify various accounts before being able to post to certain accounts. I sort of felt this was required for those who are using Credit Cards for Purchases, etc. Because I am using very simple accounting, off my bank statement, and am not running a Business, I fell I do not need these Popups. In my testing, I have only set the Deposit Account as Cash at Bank. What is the need for this Primary Popup precisely and how can I do away with this annoyance, which appears as you move between your accounting movements on the screen. Thank You.
  5. This is for home use actually. At the moment I am simply testing its ease of use, etc, by using Data from a Not for Profit I am a Member of, as its workings are similar to what I may need; No Double Entry. Currently I use Microsoft My Money for managing my Home Accounts. My intention is; If I find I am comfortable with this software, I intend to move my Microsoft My Money Data across to it, because Microsoft no longer support Money 2007. I would assume that this would meet the requirements for the Free Version. Please advise if that is not the case, as I do not wish to waste more time playing with it.
  6. During Testing this Software, I set up my Chart of Accounts Commencing Balances, based on a previous End of Month Report that had Data at End of Month (30/09/2016) I did not give consideration to the fact that I was entering the Account Period Balances on the Date of 14/11/2016. I was expecting to see a Date Control when I was entering this Data. Should I have changed my Computer Date and Time to 30/09/2016, while I was entering these Balances, to prevent Date related issues???? What effect will the use of Date 14/11/2016 for Opening Balances have when I come to enter Data for the next period ending 31/10/2016. Is there anything I need to do to prevent issues relating to Dates, if I enter this Data with the current date of 15/11/2016 or later. Regards Owen Carlton (Nasho23)
  7. Thank you for the advice offered. I hope I will be able to work it out. You have raised a point of concern for me. I obtained this Software with the belief that it was Free for Non Commercial Use. What you wrote in you Reply Post suggests this may not be correct. Can we please have this clarified, as I do not wish to waste time in setting up, only to fine in a few months time it is of no use to me. Regards Owen Carlton Nasho23
  8. I am testing this Software for use in my Not for Profit Association. I need sound advice on setting up only those things I need for our level of accounting, based on information we already use. We do not have Commercial Business Dealings, which this Software is really developed for, and for that purpose it looks great. However, I need to be able to create End Of Month and End of Year, Income Statements and Balance Sheet Reports, and possible other smaller reports. There is a possibility of needing to provide Australian BAS reports for recovery of GST paid on Purchases. I believe I only need to consider Money coming in (Income) as per Membership Fees, Donations, Members Money coming in for Excursions, etc, and, Money going out (Expenses) as per Excursion Expenses and various other Operational Outgoings. There will be a need to have the ability to transfer Funds between Bank Accounts, as we use a Cheque Account and have Term Deposit Accounts. I need to create a Chart of Accounts for this Accounting, so I need to know:- a) Can Main Account Headings be set up at First Level. Can Group Accounts be created at Second Level. c) Can Sub Accounts be set up at Third Level. d) How many levels can be created in Chart of Accounts.
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