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  1. I've tried the other updated versions, and I like this one the best. Is there a way to turn off the update search?
  2. Hi, I have v6.3 running on a pc this isn't online. Each time I open the program, it tries to search for updates, which takes longer than I'd like to wait for. Is there any way to disable this? Maybe in the registry or something? Regards, SK
  3. Hi, I recently updated to the 64 bit version of VideoPad (v10.6), and none of the .vdf plugins I used on older versions are working. They either "failed to load", or the effects dialog box is empty when trying to configure them. I've tried multiple plugins, but none of them work. Anyone else having this issue, or a resolution? Regards...
  4. Hi, I recently updated to v10.60 from v6.10. In v6.10, I used to be able to select the next clip in the timeline using the arrow keys (after pressing Tab). But, now the arrow simply moves the cursor to the next (or previous) frame. How do I select/highlight the next clip just using the keyboard? Regards... (Here's a screenshot to avoid confusion) https://www.photo-pick.com/online/KaahDSIB.link
  5. Hi, Maybe somebody found a solution here... I'm trying to apply zoom (not pan and zoom) to a video or picture that is 9:16, as opposed to 16:9. I have my preview resolution changed to 576/1024 to reflect that both the preview and video are vertical. With that, I'd like to zoom in with a 9:16 restraint, but the only restraints offered in the zoom menu are horizontal. I noticed that when using pan zoom, the selection box is vertical... but why not in regular zoom? Sure, I could rotate the video, add the zoom, rotate it back, etc. but I'm looking to simplify this without a work-around. Is there a way I can choose custom zoom restraints for use in a vertical video? I tried using the "None" option in restraints and use my best guess, but it's usually off. I want to keep the 9:16 dimensions perfect... Thanks!
  6. I will give that a shot, thank you! I was hoping there was maybe VirtualDub plugin somewhere to find matching frames, but no luck yet finding one.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to find an easy way to take videos which are long, and shorten them to 1 or 2 minutes. I'm trying to seek duplicate or very similar frames that match - the first being near the beginning of the video, matching a frame towards the end of the video - then delete everything in between them. I don't want to show cuts or transitions; just a seamless blend. But apart from stepping through frame by frame, is there a plugin or a method I can use to select a keyframe, then highlight all frames in the sequence which are similar? I've tried overlaying the same clip, making it semi-transparent, then moving it over a little bit at a time until something matches up, but I can't seem to move the overlay one frame at a time. I have to hold shift and drag it, which makes it hard to control which frame I am on... if you know how to move an overlay one frame at a time, that may be useful as well! But I'd prefer to see matching/duplicate frames in the sequence if possible...
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