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  1. I posted recently that I had purchased and been using Switch for about two years now, using it to convert msv and dvf files to wma. Never had any problems. Recently when I attempted to do this I got a message that the function I was trying to use required that I purchase Switch Plus. After discussing it with my boss I purchased this program. It converts some of the msv and dvf files, but not all. I downloaded a plug in for Windows Media Player to see if it would allow me to play it. It does, but it does not convert it. I now cannot play the file as is in Express Scribe and can get no suppo
  2. I get files from a client that are all dvf and msv files. I purchased Switch when we got this job (over a year ago), already having been very impressed by the products and the helpfulness of the forums. When this client geared up and started sending us more files, which is typical for them this time of year, I tried to convert using Switch as I always had. However, now that product tells me that I have to purchase Switch Plus to use that. Can someone explain why this is the case all of a sudden? Also, I was first introduced to NCH via someone recommending Express Scribe to me. I love that
  3. Yes, I'm waiting for the process to complete. Once it's completed the file simply will not play until I restore the original audio. I'm not sure why that's happening, as I've used it previously with no problem.
  4. I am on PC (XP 2002 Service Pack 2) and am using Express Scribe version 4.11. I've been trying to apply the special audio processes to a file I'm transcribing, which is a WAV file, but if I apply any of those processes, the audio won't play at all. I have to then undo that process. Any suggestions?
  5. I manage a transcription company and our people all use ES. They've had the same issue, but we've figured out what the problem typically is. There are power saving settings that will not allow your pedal to work if they are turned on. Go to the "my computer" icon from the start menu and right click it and then select "properties." Go to the tab labeled "hardware" and click "device manager," where you will find "universal serial bus controllers" listed. Open that (click the + symbol next to it) and go to each of the USB Root Hubs listed there, opening the tab that says "power management" i
  6. You want to be certain that you're burning a music CD for playing on a standard CD player, but a data CD for your laptop.
  7. Hello, If you just burn them to CD you should get a window that asks you if you want a data CD or a music CD. You want a music CD if you want to play these on regular CD players.
  8. Hello, I can't find the "local settings" that you're talking about. Can you tell me exactly where you're finding that? Thanks!
  9. Well, I attempted to convert the WMA my client sent using Switch, but I get a message telling me I have to download Flip4Mac plugin from Microsoft's website. The trouble is that I can't install that, as it requires an OS version of 10.3.9 or later. I don't know if there is another program out there that will allow me to do what I need to do or not, but I guess I'll have to continue looking. I'm so pleased with the Express Scribe and Switch programs on my PC at home, but I guess I'd better not tell my business acquaintances on Macs to jump in yet. Thanks.
  10. I was wrong to be hopeful. Now I have found that I also cannot load WMA files, unless I'm doing something wrong. I've put it in a folder, just as I did the WAV file that I was able to load and play. Nothing happens. Any suggestions?
  11. I guess that's what I'll have to do. I'll see if I have any issues with other files, such as WMA. I hope not. Thanks!
  12. I have a PC at home that I work on for a business that I do transcription for and also manage. When I have to go to the office, where we have Macs, I cannot get these programs to work. I was finally able to get Switch to convert a WAV file to an MP3 and ES played it. I was excited! Then I tried to load a DVF file into Switch to convert and had no success. I also tried playing it as is in ES, but it won't load it. Can someone please help me? The owner of the business that I manage is going away next month, and I'll be doing my managing from the office on the Macs. Thanks!
  13. I'm having the same trouble. I'm on XP and have Switch 1.29. It allowed me to download two of three files from iTunes from a client and convert them and get them transcribed. The last one was playing, but now won't. I've tried to re-download and re-convert several times, but when it's converted it will not play in Express Scribe, no matter what I convert to, WAV, MP3, WMA. Can someone help?
  14. I'm having the same problem. A client has uploaded files to their website. Two of them I've had problems with and had to download and convert with Switch several times, and I was only able to get one of those to work. After downloading any of the three files it says in the folder I save them to that they're AAC files, but when dragging them into Switch they are listed as M4A. I get an error message each time I try to convert them. The version of Switch I'm using is 1.12 (some people working for us have new versions but have had issues with files only partially loading, which is why I haven't u
  15. Hello, If I understand correctly, you have files that are not loading completely. I manage a business and we've had people who have had the same issue. They were told to download version 4.14 of ExpressScribe and that seemed to resolve their issues. I hope this helps. ExpressScribe, I'm just discovering, is a truly wonderful program. The responses and comprehensive discussion forum here are very helpful in solving issues! You are now my favorite and most recommended software. I also send folks to your site for foot pedals, headsets and other software programs. Keep up the great work NCH!
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