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  1. I am bumping this up again in the hope of getting a response! My doctor is just about to give up on Express Dictate and I really don't want him to do that! Why is the attachment not visible when he sends the dictation directly from Express Dictate - if I look at the source of the email - I can see the dictation is embedded in the message but there is no way of saving it. He then has to forward it - and then the attachment is visible. Could it be a problem with his set up of Outlook Express - and, if so, do you know what he should do to rectify the problem? Thanks. -Annie
  2. Hi all, I have posted this on the Express Dictate forum because the origin of the problem seems to be arising from my dictator's Express Dictate but since I have had no response, thought maybe you guys and gals might have a solution. For the past few days, when I receive the dictation notifications via email, the attachments are just not visible. Nada, nowhere! However, if I look at the message source they are embedded there but there is no way to save them. Anyhow, what I discovered is that if my dictator sends it again as a "forward" then they are visible. Too weird. Pr
  3. Further to this problem which started yesterday, what I have discovered is that, with the first notification, where the attachment is not visible, if he sends it as a "forward" email, the attachment is visible and I am able to save it and transcribe as per normal though the sound is compromised, it sounds like he is speaking from inside a wastepaper basket! Any and all advice would be welcome. -AnnieK
  4. Hi all Have been transcribing with Express Scribe for the past six years with absolutely no problem, with my various dictators sending automatically via Express Dictate. Today, the dictations arriving from one particular dictator cannot be seen as attachments in the email - if I go to message source I can see they are embedded in the email, but for some weird and wonderful reason there is no attachment I can save. Any suggestions as to what might have gone wrong with my dictator's Express Dictate? Thanks heaps. -AnnieK
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