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  1. I contacted VideoPad technical support and the problem has been solved by upgrading to version 4.48. Obviously a bug in version 4.33.
  2. Hi, Please forget my last post as the audio problem was me, not the software. You've solved my problem, thank you. It's a shame that I cannot burn an MPEG2 file directly from VideoPad but at least your solution gives me more control over the process, particularly using a standalone DVD burner. Many thanks.
  3. Hi Telephony, Many thanks. I tried your recommendation and managed to create both an MPEG1 and an MPEG2 file, both of which had the video, which is progress, but neither have sound when played on my PC (with VLC Media Player). Do you have any ideas? I burnt the file to a DVD and it also plays in my DVD player, great, but also without sound The parameters in VideoPad's Export Video function are: File Format: mpg Resolution: 1024x576 - TV Wide Frame Rate: 25 - TV PAL Encoder Settings (for both MPEG1 and 2) Average bit rate 4000kbps, Maximum 8500kbps Audio Sample Rate: 48000, and Bitrate 128kbps
  4. Hi, The VOB file created in the image file when exporting my project as a Movie Disc does not contain video, only sound. I can export as an AVI file fine so wonder what's wrong. Details are: Using VideoPad 4.33 on a Windows 8.1 PC with Intel Core i5 CPU @ 2.80GHz 8GB RAM Video Format set to PAL Screen 16:9 Average bitrate 4000kbps; Maximum 7000kbps (reduced from 6000 and 8000) Burning to a DVD rather than an Image File makes no difference. Any thoughts would be gratefully received.
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