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  1. Monitoring Options If you are using ASIO hardware then you can choose the "Monitor channel" which will allow you to hear what you are recording through your headphones. However, a better approach to monitoring your recording is to use your hardware directly. Most external soundcards will allow you to directly monitor your input via a headphone output. This option will provide you with the best performance and zero latency."
  2. Jack11223344


    Hi All: In recently released version, we have implemented core audio recorder and player. It has a much better result in regarding to the latency. Please try it.
  3. Try the project bookmark from right click on the time line at the bottom.
  4. Hi Medic: If the original music is in midi format, you can use a free piano vst to play it.
  5. HI Paul: Are you able to attach your mixpad project file here? I will look into this issue. Thanks Jack
  6. Hi Jofra: Todo that, you just need to add all songs into one track.
  7. Hi, I have confirmed this bug. It will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for reporting. Regards Jack
  8. Yes, I can see the problem, will look into it. Cheers Jack
  9. HI Sean: This is related to the original source. You are setting the "target bitrate for Average BitRate (ABR) rate control." but the end result is always less than the target. When the source bitrate is low, you will get lower bitrate as well.
  10. Yes, when preview, videopad is always uses 30 fps and there it no options to change it. But you can always seek to any position you want. I can see the problem and will raise this issue for any possible solution.
  11. Hi borate: Yes, i can confirm that videopad is not able to open this video file. It has a codec we don't fully support yet. I will add this as a todo item. Regards Jack
  12. Hi Softball: I can see that you CPU usage is low which seems abnormal. 64G Memory is also good. I can't reproduce the issue here. Could it be the disk problem? Thanks Jack
  13. HI, the reason that the first clip and NLE reverse are fast is most likely because of the lossless export, no re-encoding needed. If you try to use a different resolution other that the original, you can see the difference. Yes, the reverse algorithm can be optimized but not an urgent job. We will consider this in the future release.
  14. Hi equalthree, which version were you using? Please try to update to the latest version from our website and try again.
  15. Thanks everybody for reporting, this bug will be fixed in the coming release. Cheers Jack
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