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  1. Thanks for that. I had a rogue opening balance error. I backed up to desk top and opened the Ledger. I deleted 3 rogue .csv files dated 1977.
  2. Yep.......rogue opening balance of c £500 from 1978 despite account started wit £0 in 2015!..... not worked out how to fix it yet.
  3. Trying to find why I cannot reconcile my banking. My starting balance should be set at £0 in Oct 2015 but reconciling shows the new statement balance as £526.46 for that date and it shows that it has been that since 1976! Duh! In the statement of accounts the opening balance is £0 Any ideas on how to fix this glitch?
  4. Me too.......... Standing Orders and Direct Debits. Anyone know how to do this on the Mac version. Seems like NCH are leaving us Mac users out in the cold. Windows version has a calendar pull-down. Can't find anything like this on the Mac version. Any clues?
  5. Thanks for that Sherry. How did you manage to find that little acorn? So obfuscate and no info about this in the help documentation. Well done. I was about to give up and look into buying some alternative app. NCH really need to make this software more intuitive and user friendly. Thanks again for that golden nugget of info.
  6. Did you ever find a way to do this Sherry?
  7. Yep..... I've noticed that lack of basic functionality. NCH don't appear to be listening to their customers though......
  8. Very poor design.....Can't have multiple windows open.......not really geared up for cash transactions......no goods receiving functionality..... not geared up for a hire business...... no flexibility with being able to input vat inclusive and vat exclusive purchase orders.......Horrible software. Would welcome any recommendations for non=web based software that runs on a Mac. Would love to try Sage but its PC only.
  9. I'm having the same problem. Looks like it is a basic feature that the software designers have overlooked. Overall, I am disappointed with this software. Very poorly designed.....and tech support appears to be rather lacking with many users questions are not even being answered by the tech support team.
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