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  1. I no longer use Golden Records to do this, so am not an expert on their software and controls. That said, if by "distorted" you mean overly loud, to high, heavily compressed, then this is usually a function of the input volume. You need to make sure the volume is high, but not too high. Think about it as a traffic light, green is good and can always be amplified if too quiet; yellow is a warning and while it can be ok, or loud sections of tracks, will possibly stray into red. Red is bad, fractions of sound can wander into red, but anything longer than a couple of seconds will end up being distorted. Think speakers responding to the volume being too loud. Sorry I can't be of more help!
  2. I've been playing around with 33rpm recorded at 45rpm, and it doesn't seem to impact the quality, but it does, at least on my system record 33rpm fractionally too slow. I've compared the wave forms for the same track recorded both at 33rpm, and recorded while played at 45rpm. The later causes 2-4 seconds longer tracks and the tracks sounds marginally slow. So I think that option is off the table.
  3. I've used Golden Records for a while, although never to record more than the odd track from time to time. Since there isn't a USB Turntable set-up option, I thought I'd document mine. I'm now starting to seriously consider digitizing many of my favorite albums in full, a few every day. Looking back at vinyl tracks I've recorded in the past, I've learned a few things, but have some questions on options, levels etc. First my set-up. I have a Stanton USB T92 turntable that I use. It's connected via a USB cable directly from the turntable to the laptop computer running Windows 10. When playing vinyl through this, Golden Records not running, the sound quality and volume level are pretty good. The USB connection is using the WIN10 specific USB Audio CODEC 10.0.10586.0 and is the latest I can find. The output is from a laptop 3.5mm to a BOSE Surround System.(yeah I know thats not optimal and I've tried USB Soundcards from cheap to expensive and they all have some issue or other). I normally record using the GR Wizard, selecting direct phono to computer; play the vinyl at it's original speed and have GR set to the same recording speed. I have the sound recording device set to the USB turntable, the Sound Input Channel to "Master Volume"; the recording volume level is set to 8dB; The output WAV file is a pretty accurate representation of what I can hear when playing the vinyl, same levels etc. Next step audio restoration. For this I have don't use RIAA Equalization. Although the turntable is connected directly, not through an amp, using this seems to make the recordings way too much bass; I also don't use High pass filtering - this seems to make the output seem too "tinny". For output options, I select "Do Nothing". Normally I then use Free Audio Converter(Fre:ac) to convert to either MP3 or FLAC for storing on my NAS which is where the music gets played from. Fre:ac seems to have more options and produces better MP3 files, plus I can convert to FLAC, when needed. Finally, I use MP3TAG to retrieve details from discogs and tag files, add album art work etc. I use discogs as the tag source as I'm slowly adding my vinyl collection there as I record it, and for new vinyl I purchase. 1. If you record 33rpm vinyl at 45rpm does it impact the quality? (this would be a great time saver) 2. For Sound Input Channel, I have an option to set it to "Windows Record Mixer" - What is this and should I use it? 3. I couldn't find a good description of how to use recording level volume (anyone?) - does it impact only the volume in, or does it also impact the volume on the recorded digital file?
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