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  1. OMG, I just figured out the problem and it is a frustrating flaw IMO in the program. Express Invoice won't send out email IF THE CONTACT IS NOT IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK OF THE EMAIL PROGRAM YOU ARE USING. Nor will it tell you that is the problem. I am using Win7 and Windows Live Mail.
  2. I am having difficulty with some email addresses. Most just go through, but if they don't I get :Unable to connect to mail server "<<email address>>". When I open email settings and click the second box; "Use SMTP..." I get an error box : "Mail host server error (MAIL FROM not accepted). Please check you email settings (550)." My mail host is correct, though. I am confused because I can send this address an email directly from my mail program (Windows Live Mail), just not through Express Invoice, which I love, btw. HELP!
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