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  1. Hi, Today I tried to send multiple sales orders at the same moment by selecting all together and press on E-Mail button but emails are sent separately even to the same customer! Is there any idea on how to send all selected sales orders or invoices by one email for the same customer? Thank you Ibrahim
  2. Hi Everyone I'm using express accounts 3 years ago and really happy with it, especially its flexibility. One thing I would like to implement but couldn't get it done. I'm used to send emails to our customers by saving the sales orders, invoices and attach them manually. I decided to use the built-in email feature. However, I think it is not flexible enough as I see, unless, I'm missing some parts. I need to customize the subject and the body of emails for example including customer name in the subject. I was thinking about using variables like $Customer in the header of the email but it didn't work. Any ideas? BR, Ibrahim
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