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  1. Yes, I know about this. (This is how I've been deleting any part of a clip that I don't want.) I just wonder whether there is an easier way. This way is "too manual", lots of work, especially when there are 10+ parts. @_@
  2. Hello all. Let's say I have a 30-minute video clip that has been split into 3 parts: 0:00-10:00, 9:59-20:00, 19:58-30:00. As you can see, there is a duplicate part at 9:59-10:00 and another at 19:58-20:00. If I were to merge these 3 clips into one complete video, is there any way for VideoPad to automatically detect or recognize repeated, identical frames and proceed to remove them without me manually doing anything? If no, could someone please suggest some ways to... ease my trouble? I have someone sending me videos on a daily basis that have been split into like... 16 parts or 20 parts or something, because WhatsApp. (Lol) And they contain duplicate parts due to dragging with fingers in WhatsApp. So that's my trouble. Any input is highly appreciated. Thank you very much.
  3. Thanks NotADevWinkWink. This worked very nicely. I wasn't even aware of that option in the right-click menu.
  4. Nat, I found the method you described (especially the Zoom function) too...... manual and thus imprecise (at reaching exactly 720 x 480). It worked, but there was some loss of image clarity (which is absolutely unacceptable to me). One thing I don't understand is that even when my sequence preview's resolution is set to 720 x 480 and I'm exporting at 720 x 480 also (after doing the 270-degree rotation), black bars existed at ALL 4 sides and my video's image clarity was reduced. I don't understand at all. And I also don't understand why when I exported at 720 x 720 (after rotation), there was NO loss of image clarity even though black bars appear at top and bottom only. Why?! But yes... The method NotADevWinkWink suggested worked perfectly without any problem or hassle, very straightforward and simple and everything was in order.
  5. Hi Nat, Wow thanks a lot for your detailed post. I understand what you're trying to tell me, but before I try to play around with it again with what you told me in mind I'd like to seek some clarification from you. You said my clip "should have an aspect ratio of 16:9 in order to fill the VP screen without any black borders", but what if I've right-clicked on the Sequence Preview window and selected "Changed Preview Resolution..." to change the width and height? Wouldn't that change the 16:9 ratio?? AND... even if their aspect ratios (between my clip and sequence preview) differ, an "Aspect Ratio Conflict" window would pop up when trying to export and I'd select "Crop Edges". But black borders were still there and my clip image seemed to have been shrunk and blurred instead! (Selecting "Resize to Fit" didn't help either.) What was wrong? Or was I doing things wrongly??
  6. So far I've only tried 0 and 1 scale. No use. Crop I've not tried yet, but during export I did select "Crop Edges" on the Aspect Ratio Conflict window. No use. 780? You meant to say 720? The "Detect..." button is buggy. It'd give a wrong frame rate value sometimes and lead to this problem. I shot my video with my phone, so I know the video is 30 fps. I'd just select 30 fps. As for resolution, "Detect..." would set it as 480 x 720, which is wrong because I've rotated the video to become 720 x 480.
  7. Hi all. I've checked out some other posts regarding this issue but they're all quite some years old and didn't really describe my problem. I'm using VP 4.48 and I'm trying to rotate an MP4 video (480 x 720) 270 degrees and export it as an AVI video (720 x 480). However, there would be black bars somewhere either top and bottom or left and right, or all sides. AND... the quality of the video would also become lower (more blurry). No matter how I played around with the resolutions of the sequence preview and during export, I always ended up with black bars or borders somewhere and a more blurry video, even when both sequence preview and export are 720 x 480. (Oh... but when I export the video at 720 x 720, video quality stayed the same (no blurry) but there would be black bars at the top and bottom.) The video compressor I was using was "MPEG4 (Native)", MPEG4 encoding quality 3, and 30 fps with constant frame rate checked. So what's wrong?! Please advice. P.S. An interesting thing to note is that when I examined the Details of the video file (right-click on file in Windows Explorer > Properties > Details tab), Windows Explorer stated that the video's width was 720 and height was 480, even though when I played the file with MPC the width was 480 and height was 720 (but that was before rotation, so I had to turn my head 90 degrees to the right to watch it).
  8. Hi all. I don't know what has happened but WP has just deleted ALL of my files ending with ".mp3" (doesn't matter what file name) in the same folder as the MP3 file I'm trying to load. Let me tell you what I did and what happened. In a folder I have a few MP3 files, and I right-clicked on one and clicked "Edit with WavePad Sound Editor", so WP was launched and the MP3 was loaded. Then I went back into the folder and right-clicked on another MP3 file and clicked the same thing ("Edit with WavePad Sound Editor"). IMMEDIATELY after I clicked that, I heard an error sound made by WP, then ALL my MP3 files in that same folder disappeared immediately, and WP's error message was "File not found" (with the file name of that second MP3 file I was trying to load). It didn't matter what the names of those MP3 files were, and whether they had the same audio, they ALL disappeared (in that folder only). And I couldn't find where they are, so I think they were simply deleted. (I didn't check with a recover-deleted-file tool though.) After it happened I decided to do some testing and see whether this problem could be replicated without fail. And replicated it could, and without fail it was. For the purpose of the test I copied 3 MP3 files into another folder with some other files (but not MP3 files). All 3 of the MP3 files had different names and different audio in them. I right-clicked and loaded 1 MP3 file the same way like I did before, and WP was launched and the file was loaded. I right-clicked and tried to load another MP3 file and the same thing happened!! All 3 MP3 files disappeared (but non-MP3 files all remained). It didn't matter which file I tried to load the first time and second time (sequence didn't matter). It happened every time. One strange thing was that when I tried to load the second MP3 file, WP tried to access the Internet and tried to install-on-demand this thing called "soxdec", and then my system would try to execute "soxdec.exe". (I have a firewall and a HIPS so I knew what WP was doing.) Regardless of whether I allowed WP to or denied WP from doing that, all my MP3 files in the same folder disappeared anyway. Please someone tell me what's happening. P.S. The WP version I'm using is 6.24.
  9. My bad for the late reply but hey..... I've retried it at 29.97 [TV NTSC] and it worked!! Now at least we have an idea as to WHY the blank frame happened! I tried another video of mine and the "Detect..." button told me the frame rate was 30.016, and I went ahead with it and there was the 1-second blank frame. But I exported again at 30fps and the blank frame disappeared. I guess NCH should fix VP's auto detect feature. But anyway I'd like to thank all of you very much!!
  10. Hi c_major. As stated in my first post, I've done that. Didn't work.
  11. @borate Yes, now that I think about it Constant Frame Rate should be ticked. It's better that way. @Nationalsolo Hi. So...... after all the testing what do you think? Is it a bug? If it is then I REALLY don't understand why it's not fixed yet since it appears to have existed for years already! The other topics about blank frame being added go way back. I very much hope to get some solution for this because I really like software by NCH.
  12. Alright. First thing first, I've read the other 2 topics here that also talked about blank frame being added automatically and unwantedly by VP to exported videos, but they didn't really described my situation and I couldn't find any solution to my problem over there. So now I'm creating a new topic and I'm going to post everything you need to know to replicate the problem I have and hopefully you could advise me on how to disable this unwanted thing VP is doing. First, the original video file: https://www.sendspace.com/file/45ggyu Of course, this is just a dummy video I created for this purpose. My intention was to remove the audio from this MP4 video file, and every time I exported the finished video, VP would automatically add a 1-second blank frame at the end of the video, and I certainly did NOT tell it to do so. The VP version I'm using is the latest one: 4.48 Below are the detailed steps I took to do this... Click "Open" button at the top bar. Add "Test (original - with audio).mp4" into VP. Drag the video file from the "Video Files (1)" tab at top-left and drop it on "Video Track 1" bar at the bottom. Right-click on "Audio Track 1" bar and click "Unlink from Video". Right-click again on the same place and click "Delete". Click the down arrow of the "Export Video File" button at top bar and click "Video File". Rename the file to "Test (edited - withOUT audio).mp4". Click "Detect..." and click "OK". At this point the settings on this "Export Video" window are... Preset: Custom File Format: .mp4 Resolution: 720 x 480 Maximum Frame Rate: 29.948 Constant frame rate NOT ticked [*]Click "Encoder Options..." button and the settings are... Video Compressor: MPEG4 Custom quality selected Quality: 3.0 Audio Compressor: AAC (but not selectable) Average bitrate: 128 [*]Click "OK" and click "Create". [*]An "Aspect Ratio Conflict" window would pop up. Click "Crop Edges". At the end of all this, this video file was created: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ivip33 Notice the 1-second blank frame added to the end of the video. In the steps above there is no such instruction leading to the addition of that blank frame. VP did it itself. Why? And most importantly, how to stop VP from doing that?! Any advice is highly appreciated. Thank you very much. P.S. I forgot to mention, the video player I'm using is MPC-HC (Nightly) v1.7.10.252 with Playback set to "Repeat forever" so that MPC would just loop the video. P.P.S. By the way, why is there such a big difference between the file sizes of the 2 files (original and edited)?
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