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  1. How many customers/orders/invoices/items do you have? I think the problem is in how the software uses hardware. Express invoice is designed to run on 1 processor core and doesn't benefit from modern hardware. The more customers/orders/invoices/items you have the worse the problem will be.
  2. When I pull open an existing PO on Inventoria web version, the item description isn't showing up. It doesn't work on any browser I try to use. My Inventoria is v4.03 please help as this is a big issue for me now. See attached screenshot. I have opened a support ticket and have had no progress on the issue.
  3. Has anyone found a way to make this happen? Also, when orders are created in express accounts, is inventory deducted from inventoria? Thanks, Joe
  4. When you apply a negative payment, do you first create a credit for $-50 or go directly to payments and input -50 Thanks, Joe
  5. Yes I am, also I have 4.49 and i cannot do this. I also downloaded 4.62 and i still cannot apply a negative payment...
  6. "Since 4.65 doesn't allow for these negative figures, I am stuck on how I can charge my customer for reimbursables without them showing up on the sales report which is what my yearly income tax is charged against." RogerMialkowski, have you found a way to apply a negative payment? Thanks, Joe
  7. I've had no success with the dropbox feature after multiple (very brief and not helpful) emails from customer support. It always comes back to them suggesting using the web access.
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