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  1. 1000 thanks, Tsam. My version of WavePad is 6.33 Perhaps I should be more specific. Most important is perhaps point 6 below. 1) The file I am splitting is a .wav file, not .mp3. Let's say it is called exp.wav. 2) The way I split it is by setting up bookmarks, named s2, s3, s4 etc. Then I hit edit/"split file at bookmarks" 3) Then I hit file/"save all files" 4) for each sub-file I choose a) location (same folder as original), then get a window called "encoder options". Here I choose "auto preserves original format". I write nothing in "encoding" and in "format". 5) Wavepad now creat
  2. When I split a music file into, say, 15 smaller files and then hit ┬┤save all files' WavePad saves the 15 files to hard disk (as it should) but at the same time puts 15 shortcuts to the files out on the desktop. Why (I mean who would want that) ? And how do I prevent such a creation of shortcuts ? Cheers Morten Levy, Denmark
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