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  1. Many thanks, @Einstein / Nat. I will try these options. Is MP4 a lot more resource-intensive a format than AVI ? I have enacted your recommendations, but as regards the following variables... > Framerate 29.97 > Constant framerate I can't find these mentioned in the dialogue boxes. Am I looking in the right place? With thanks again for your advice. Regards, Tim
  2. I should add that I am not trying to export to Youtube, just save the edited file onto my hard drive. T
  3. I am now the proud owner of VideoPad v.4.48 running on my Win.7 system on a PC (4 gigabyte ddr3 RAM and AMD II x2 2.7 gigahertz dual core processing). I have been trying to edit MP4 video clips recorded by my smartphone running on Android. Editing is a bit slow, but nothing compared with the **tedious slowness** of exporting my edited files ready for Youtube. It can take over an hour to export a 50 Mb clip only 40 seconds long. Ridiculously inefficient ! I wondered whether the embedded audio file is adding to the problem, but I cannot see how to chop it out of the video or turn it
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