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  1. I've always generated either h264 to avi specifically or using the Youtube (flv) preset so I can upload afterwards.
  2. Working fine for me on PC. I don't think 5.0.1 was available on PC? I only see occasional drops to 50%, and even then the duration is short. I suspect it has something to do with hyperthreading.
  3. I didn't mean it backwards at all... it wasn't using the full CPU of my system before. Now that it is, encoding is almost 4x as fast.
  4. To anyone wondering if they should pay for the upgrade from the 4.x train to 5.x, it is absolutely worth it. For me, encoding a 45 minute 720p avi has dropped from 2.5 hours (4.56) to around 45 minutes (5.03) [windows 10, i7-2600]. Same settings, same filters. CPU utilization went from 25% to 99%. Thank you!
  5. I'm starting new thread instead of hijacking another. I too saw my CPU temps drop, and CPU while encoding went from 100% down to 25%. How do I verify I have everything configured properly to take advantage of GPU encoding? (Nvidia 1060)
  6. I was able to let it run without issue, as long as I chose the DVD last. I figured that the DVD task hadn't been added into the task queueing system yet. Thank you for such a quick response! VideoPad is money well spent.
  7. I have an export queue running, containing 2 items: YouTube & Video File. If I try to add DVD to the mix, it ignores the export queue entirely and takes of the program with a new "creating your movie..." window. This causes 2 encoding jobs to run simultaneously. Is this intended behavior?
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