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  1. Anyone know how to make a photo full screen in the newer version of Video Pad? It use to be so easy in the past, now it's to many buttons lol.
  2. When I use to use 2.41 to export/render my videos, it will do it quite fast. It would only take literally 2 seconds. But since I have Windows 8, I can't use 2.41 I guess. So I'm stuck with the latest version
  3. Why did VideoPad 2.41 render so much faster then the current version? Is that any way my videos to render fast like 2.41? I tried downloading that version, but it's not compatible with my laptop. So I'm force to use the current version.
  4. What version is after VideoPad 2.41?
  5. Hi, I tried downloading a old version (2.41) of VideoPad onto my windows but it won't let me download. It says it's not compatible, VideoPad 2.41 was fast when rendering videos ect. Is there a way around it? I find the newer version to be very slow when rendering videos ect.
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