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  1. Thank your for sharing your insight into this problem and the accompanying tips. I currently run Google Chrome after Internet Explorer deteriorated beyond a useful level. I made a test recording using Microsoft Edge and found no discernible improvement. Likewise increasing the frame rate to the max available, the problem remained constant. Clearing out the Chrome browers cache also had no effect. The only constant in this is that the viewing the clips without recording gets great results. The captured videos breaks up badly. I recently concluded that the magnitude of the instability
  2. I like to record video clips from You Tube and other sources. I used the Debut Media recorders for this. When I playback the recorded clips they have the appearance of being highly degraded and often contains glitches, freeze frames, etc. The clips sometimes have moments of audio distortion, The clips appear to be fine when viewing directly from the website. The trouble occurs when viewing the recorded clip from the hard drive. The defect appears in the clips when playing on the Windows player and VLC player. I'm running Windows 10 on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop. This kind of problem
  3. The page I was directed too is at http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/23924-black-space-at-beginning/. It has no toolbar with any of those symbols, icons or text. This whole situation looks very bad. The parts of the program that sometimes does work is inconsistent, erratic and unreliable. It's time to go and get my old friend Avid again. I am not going to beat this dead horse anymore. I am going to ask for a refund. Tnx for your futile attempt to resolve this.
  4. There is nothing showing titled "Tips for getting..." What is a 'sticky" post and what does it look like? This page is titled "Black space at beginning" under the forums tab. Is there another page that the help menu in the program should have directed me too?
  5. The black appears only on the exported clip. I have five screen shots ready to go. Can't attach them as the forum appears to have no command to attach anything. The help section has offers no instructions for attachments that is actually related to sending attachments. If it exist it's buried/hidden out of reach.
  6. I too am having this problem. After exporting a replacement clip with a moved start point the problem still appears just as before. The start and end points seem to be getting ignored in the final product. I have spent hours trying to find a solution for this problem. It's very frustrating and I beginning to wonder if my money was well spent. Anybody know a work around for this.
  7. Yes, it is selected when capturing. After capturing the window remains on obstructing the non recorded view of the video stream.
  8. After I record a capture I can' t find away to close the selection windows to prepare for the next capture. A lot of time gets wasted repeatedly re-closing, reopening resetting Debut and the source webpage back to before the capture.. Does debut have a command to close the selection box and return itself to the beginning to quickly setup for another capture? Thanks
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