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  1. I have the same problems. I do next thing. I download X-TenMate for windows spam://www.yealink.com/en/download.asp?tag=others and then change file exusb in folder component and rename it and than delete x-tenmate . But now i have another problem. When i start softphone i need to press option and chek up that i use usb phone.
  2. Hello we use axon+ivm and have next situation: we need to transfer call to analog fax-machine which connect to analog line (PSTN). And for this we use two decision: 1) when call comes in the operator transfer it to the extention (for example 110) which "Transfer the call if not answered" to Number XXXXXX using axon dial plan - and all work fine, but when 2) the caller decided to send fax using ivm menu by pressing 1 button then transfer to 110 - it don`t work Caller only hear ring signal and no connection to fax. Can somebody tell me whats wrong?
  3. We use uplink and have problem.
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    How we can do...

    All ok Thanks, thanks, thanks
  5. When skype user call to us, he or she can`t listen ivm menu (only computer silence) and than go to the extention
  6. stap

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    Thanks, but what does it mean "use the store to variable feature" ? I need have a file in IVM directory that name is "numToCall" or what? I have this 00:00 Answered line [1000 "Simulator"] call number [19] cid [5555555555] did[] drn[0 (0ms)] 00:00 Play file: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NCH Swift Sound\IVM\OGMs\Default Answering Message.wav 00:00 Caller pressed key [1] 00:00 Command - Go 00:00 Open OGM: disa 00:00 Play file: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NCH Swift Sound\IVM\OGMs\disa.wav 00:01 Caller pressed key [1] 00:02 Caller press
  7. stap

    How we can do...

    something like a DISA (when somebody call directly to person if know his number) if using IVM. If anybody do this can you help me? We use Axon and IVM. I talk about no "Press 1 call Don, press 2 call Sara...". I talk about " If your know personal number please enter it after tone (for example 101, 102, 103...)"
  8. Hi all! Can somebody help me? I use the instruction that find above to use axon and SPA 3102 (last firmware). And only have incoming call. When i decided to use PSTN line and press 0 (in axon i have dial plan for SPA) i only hear several shot tone signal and no outbound call.
  9. I just use x-pro + express talk usb phone and now I have a ring now, but the ring don`t stop when another man finish calling . Phone also work fine with Skype. Please tell me why I can`t hear phone ring when use express talk? P.S. I am going to buy express talk B.E.
  10. I have 2 usb phone. All work fine with express talk, but one of them don`t ring when calls come. Maybe somebody have that problem and can ask me what to do&
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