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  1. What limiting factor in my computer is causing Slowdown and freezing of Videopad? CPU, GPU, RAM, Hard drive, etc...? I have a complicated project that editing it has turn into an almost complete standstill. Its almost gotten to the point that I have to reset every 5 minutes to continue working on the project. I even went so far as installing a dedicated SSD for the Temp files for Videopad. Strange thing is task manager does not show anything at 100% RAM is maybe 50%, CPU is like 20-30% use, Temp folder have over 100GB free space. I don't know what I could possibly do to make a computer work better with this videopad software. If the slowdown is not hardware related, then is it software related? Software spinning into infinite loops or something? Any ideas on how to fix this? Maybe a suggestion for future updates to the software or can I upgrade my PC to run this better? Thanks.
  2. Videopad has 3 images in the preview window? How to undo this? I am not sure if this is kind of VR or 3D thing but I see 3 images instead of just 1 in the preview screen. https://i.imgur.com/B4YuPlu.png
  3. How is it possible that I clear out all the temp files, clear the cache, remove the file. Then add it back in and have the sound cut off in the exact same spot as it did before. Its almost like the software may storing the audio for this file in a different place than what is being displayed in the TOOLS>Options>Disk> Does the software also store to other locations if perhaps it can't reach the directories layout here. They are on external hard drives connected with USB 3.0. Perhaps they did not respond fast enough to the software used some kind of alternative directory? Does not make sense that you can delete the temp directory and add the same file again and have identical problem with the Videopad never reprocessing the audio again.
  4. Hello. I imported a clip into videopad and perhaps before the clip had finished processing the audio I added it to the sequence. There is about 50% of the movie has sound and the other side has nothing. You can actually see the exact moment the audio flatlines. Anyway, I have tried to deleted and add again. I have tried to clear the temporary cache files, tried change all the bin directories and reset the computer, etc... Videopad had the wrong audio for this somehow stuck in its memory and no matter what I try, it continues to have the audio cut off in this movie. Is there a way I can force the software to reprocess the audio for this movie? This incorrect information must be stored in the system in a place that I can't reach it no matter what I try. Thanks.
  5. Hello, When I load a project file, it keep asking me which audio stream to load. I have so many files, I have to baby sit the loading process for like 20 minutes to I can keep selecting stream 1 from all the popup. Is there a way I can just tell it to always load stream 1 by default and stop asking me while pausing the loading process ? Thanks.
  6. How can I turn up the sound(Amplify) all the sound? The current sound is so low for some reason, that I have to turn on the volume all the way up on my Nvidia shield and my Soundbar speakers. Even with all that, it's like the minimum level for your to hear it. I can amplify a clip here and there but it's extremely time consuming with you have like hundreds of edits to the video. There must be a way that you can apply the volume amplification to the entire project right? Please let me know. Thanks.
  7. I use the timeline not the storyboard mode almost 100% of the time. If you are trying to recreate this problem, it happens when you unlink audio from video then start inserting still pictures and linking it up to perhaps a new music track then start to " close gaps" This type of action can create this whole wacky ghost in the program effect that the picture represented in the story line is not really there even though it shows it. Then you click on it and there is nothing highlighted or you click on it and the cursor goes to some random part of the video. Like when you create an episode recap using a montage of clips. I have traced at least part of this problem to having overlapping video and audio tracks in multiple layers on the timeline. Seems like when this happens the software goes nuts and does not know what you are highlighting or does not show the preview correctly. I'm not sure if you know photoshop but sometimes you might have a picture with multiple layers on top of layers. I think it's this multiple layers that is causing all these problems. The workaround that I used last time was to create a new sequence and move the montage project to that side sequence so I can spread everything out and not have random video/audio clips end up hidden behind other vidio/audio on the timeline. I have never experienced these problems with any other video editing software I have ever used. However to be fair, I have experienced other problems on those software that I have never experienced on Videopad. My preference would be to use videopad for everything but this layering issue causing the bizarre software issue should really addressed one way or another. Regardless of if it is 1. Conflict resolution to not allow more then 1 video/audio to occupy the same time and space on the timeline. 2. Some kind of visual representation showing there are multiple layers stacked 3.. The ability to select the actual layer you are looking at or choose the layer under it. etc... This hidden layer issue is causing a world of problems and frustration.
  8. This post was changed to " Solved" I would like to point out that I solved it by changing advance system settings in Windows because the Videopad software refused to honor the settings inputted in the correct place. This software takes commands and settings are suggestions which it ignores and does it own thing. This is not just for this one issue but with many other things as well. I would move files around and hold down Shift and it would still crop the other files on the timeline. It would work sometimes and other times not work. The worst of all words is to have something that is flaky like this. Giving the illusion its working but only have it work sometimes and other others. The video on the sequence are misrepresented what may actually be there as well has hidden phantom/orphans files that are invisible underneath other files. This software need to put in certain conflict resolution behinds the scenes to prevent this kind of thing from happening. They will have 2 pieces of video/audio on the same sequence line. These are serious problem that need to be fixed with this software.
  9. Hello. I screwed up in this one area of a project file and tried to load past saved files on that project. I must have loaded 10 past versions of the project and everyone had the sequence messed up like the latest one. To make things worse, the audio, and video clips were filled with tons and tons of duplicates files even when I deleted all the different sequences. I think this software has improper database structure and management to allow something like this to happen. No other software has ever caused me this problem.
  10. I hope there is some simple thing I'm wrong here because if not there are some very serious problems with this software I can't even begin to describe. I have been using this software 16 hours a day for weeks straight and continue to encounter the same problems unresolved. It has to do with unlinking the video and video of a file, adding new audio to an existing folder, grouping the video and new audio together, closing gaps in the timeline. There is some combination of these will get you into a situation where there is hidden video/audio in the timeline underneath other video/audio. You try to highlight a piece of video and the timeline and preview goes haywire and brings you to random spots in the trick( probably where an orphans audio file is hidden underneath) Sometimes I can fix certain problem but cutting and repasting the clip in the identical spot to kind of refresh the information. I am not talking about the 5 hour video either, I'm talking about a 30 minute video. Please tell me that the developers are aware of this issue and are working on a fix or there is something I'm doing wrong. I have used the software enough now to know there are extremely design flaws dealing with the placement of clips in the timeline, orphan files, and files underneath other files . I can't be the only person to encounter these problems unless I am doing more supplicated video editing then the average user on here? My hope is someone can tell me I'm doing something wrong and its not a design flaw. Thanks.
  11. I did not get a chance to try out your new method. I think I finally got it working however I had to change the default Temp folder for my entire Windows operating system. Just not 1 temp folder either but like several windows temp folders. https://www.howtogeek.com/285710/how-to-move-windows-temporary-folders-to-another-drive/ So this is not the idea solution but this is how desperate I was after spending an entire night (from sunset to sunrise) to try to get this to work. The settings for Videopad never worked even after reinstalling the software. I will have to give that "Junction" thing a try next time around.
  12. I open the folder I wanted in, copied and pasted the address from the bar into the Videopad settings. Are you saying I have to manually explore using the browse in order for the settings to take effect even if they are being displayed in the software as you can see from the picture. If so, this will literally be the only software I have ever used in my life that you have to do this for. I would however be very happy if that ends up working since I have spend all night trying to do this. By the way, many of the files are located in AppData>local>Temp>videopadsoundcache
  13. I have done everything you asked but still no luck. The software is refusing to cache any files other than the C-drive despite the settings in " DISK CACHE" It's like the software has a mind of its own and the settings are just a mild suggestion which is decides to ignore. I even reinstalled the software but still no luck. https://i.imgur.com/3olkv7r.png The folder in the settings is empty and I see the temp files are still being written to the C-drive. Has this ever been considered a bug in the software or a known issue?
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