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  1. Unfortunately I made a mistake and, although I can now see the inputs and outputs listed correctly, I cannot get Mixpad to work with my external interfaces. I have made a separate post about this.
  2. After posting http://nch.invisionz...udio-interface/ yesterday, I have found that the issues exist with not just the Helix but also with my UA Apollo Twin. When using an external interface: 1) I can play pre-recorded tracks until I record - see 2; 2) I can record on tracks but when I attempt to replay them the system locks and will not play back any tracks. 3) On reaching this point MixPad will not play back or record any tracks unless I close and re-open Mixpad - then I am back to stage 1. The problem appears to be the audio device setting under Mixpad, Preferences. If thi
  3. I have now been able to make MixPad work correctly with my Line 6 Helix. Believe it or not the cure was to uninstall a driver Line 6 released, which was designed, I believe, to lower latency. I understand that this latency problem has been more of an issue for 'El Capitan' users so I'm glad I didn't upgrade! Apologies if I wasted anyone's time.
  4. I am attempting to record in Mixpad using my Line 6 Helix as an audio interface. I can select the interface in Mixpad and files I import will play through Helix but, when I enable recording, I get a message that there is a problem with my interface and that I should check to see whether it is turned on and connected properly. I can record using Wavepad without problems although neither Mixpad or Wavepad will allow me to select any particular settings for the 8 inputs or 8 outputs Helix offers ('Default' is the only option listed in Mixpad's settings). The Helix does show input/output
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