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  1. Hi, I got Express Burn to burn a DVD, but I am not getting the files to play in continuous format. It did work fine, before I had to go to Windows 10, under windows 7, it was perfect. Christian at NCH said to select the option to select chapters, as I wrote back, I do not see this option. No rely yet. This has been a nightmare this program since going to Windows 10. I have re installed as I have 4.68 version. Thanks for any help Mike
  2. Thank you for the reply, as I got it to burn. Mike
  3. Hi, Ever since I had to upgrade to WIndows 10, my Express Burn is really not working. the burn fails with a message of DVD Authorizing Fail. I have been in contact with customer support and that does not seem to be going anyway. They told me to try 5.15 version, the latest, and I get the same message. I have tried the trial use for Nero and Wondershare and its perfect. Yes,I could spend 50 to get one of those programs but I already bought a program from NCH in 2014. I make a lot of DVDs from Concerts I record. All was fine for 2 years. Any suggestions, Thanks Mike
  4. I had no burning issues with Express Burn with Windows 7. Now with Windows 10, they do not play well on VLC Media Player. You scroll forward, the video moves, but when you get to where you want, the video does not start again. I have concert videos I make with many chapters, under Windows 7, it was treated like one long track, now its treated like one chapter. The DVD will go to the next chapter on a DVD player hooked to a TV. On windows 7 each chapter is listed in the file. Now, each chapter is listed 2 times, on the file folder, so maybe this is a issue. I have contacted NCH, but I thought I would ask here. Hi, I recently had to upgrade to Windows 10 and my Express Burn would not burn DVDs. We got that issue fixed, as it burns DVDs. I film concerts, which can have 2 to 6 videos files due to battery changes. A issue I am having is that when I play the burn video, only the first chapter is seen on the slider bar, where previous videos, the slider bar see the entire video, no matter how many chapters there are. Also the slider bar doe not move the video currently being burn. The order of the videos on my computer to see all the files is different than previous videos burn. The chapters are listed twice. The below is the video file after I went to Windows 10. I will have below that the screen shot for a video that is fine, before Windows 10. Mike that The below works fine,
  5. Hi Chris, I do not see anywhere on Windows Media Player on how to change video playback. This is disappointing, that now all videos recorded with Debut are in Wide Screen mode. I think this is a lost cause for me. Mike
  6. Chris, thank you for the reply. You are with NCH? If so, am I am the only one who has this issue. Does recorded video with Windows 10 on Debut play back in 4:3 mode, full screen? I will check the media player options. Thanks again Mike
  7. Hi, I have been using Debut for some time with no issues. I use the screen capture to record off the internet, concerts. Playback is in full mode on the size of the screen capture, which then, I burn to a DVD. You can make what you videoed in screen capture mode, to expand to full screen on your computer, but it is best to watch in the size you capture. Once on a DVD, its perfect on a TV. I have uploaded to Windows 10, as it seems we have no choice in time. Now, anything I record, the play back is in wide screen. I really would like to have the full screen mode in playback, back. I have emailed Debut, but I have not heard from them. I am not sure this is a issue with Debut or Windows 10, maybe a setting for viewing the videos. I am not sure this has come up before. I am sure someone here is using Windows 10 and doing video taping with Debut. Any issues with playback being in 16:9 and not 4:3, 16:9 is wide screen and 4:3 is full screen. Thank you for any reply's and help. Mike
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