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  1. I am currently using version 5.20 of Express Accounts. I am trying to find what was changed in version 5.24. Does anyone know where a list of fixes and/or changes from 5.20 to 5.24 can be found?
  2. I am attempting to import items from a .csv file into Express accounts, below is a sample line of the data I am attempting to import. The data is in the same order as listed in the import instructions 4xyz,first,16,7,1000,20,15,CC Sales Tax,CC sales,purchases 5xyz,second,40,20,1000,20,15,None,OOS sales,purchases I can successfully complete the import process and item 4xyz is created with proper description, prices and inventory levels however the Tax field always imports as "Default" I have 3 tax levels, None, CC Sales, and NV Sales tax As I was typing about this i
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