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  1. I am currently using version 5.20 of Express Accounts. I am trying to find what was changed in version 5.24. Does anyone know where a list of fixes and/or changes from 5.20 to 5.24 can be found?
  2. I am attempting to import items from a .csv file into Express accounts, below is a sample line of the data I am attempting to import. The data is in the same order as listed in the import instructions 4xyz,first,16,7,1000,20,15,CC Sales Tax,CC sales,purchases 5xyz,second,40,20,1000,20,15,None,OOS sales,purchases I can successfully complete the import process and item 4xyz is created with proper description, prices and inventory levels however the Tax field always imports as "Default" I have 3 tax levels, None, CC Sales, and NV Sales tax As I was typing about this i
  3. I am not sure if this is the information you need but, I think the way I would try is to find the invoice for that entry and delete the invoice
  4. I have also found this frustrating. Here is my work around, not very good but usable for me. I am using a Windows computer. I open the chart of accounts to display as many of the accounts as physically possible on my monitor. I then do a screen print of the page, using Alt+Print Screen. I then open word and paste the screen print. I can print the document but it is displayed as an picture so there is little else that can be done with it. I go back to Express accounts and move the slider to show the rest of the accounts and repeat the process. When I have wanted a "nicer" view without dupl
  5. I don't know if there is a built in way but I accomplish this task in the following manner. Invoices Report (Sort by column, choose Status) This will give the report by paid or not paid Save the report as type CVS I then open the report in Excel and sum the paid and not paid
  6. Depending on the Version of Express Accounts, you may not have a "Tools" menu. If not, try clicking on the Accounts tab and find the Back Up Data option. As suggested above back it up to a USB device.
  7. In case anyone else runs into this situation. Here is how I solved the issue: In Sales, View Click on payments Find the payment that has been actually made but not properly processed by the software and delete the payment, make note of the invoice number. Go to View invoices and find that invoice, you can filter by Customer if you wish. The Payment icon should now be active, so click on it and receive the payment (AGAIN) This should get sales, revenue and accounts receivable in order. I am at a loss to explain how accounting software can apply the payment but never re
  8. I am going to try to muddle through this explanation so please bear with me. When I do a trial balance, it shows 1210 Accounts Receivable with a Debit of $39.00. I only have one invioce with that sum. I thought that I had forgotten to apply payment. I went to the invoice and it shows the invoice as paid. I then went to the general ledger (Receipts) to look for the Receipt of that payment. It is not there. I thought I would make an entry into the general ledger to correct this but the account 1150, undeposited funds that would be debited is correct, so debiting there would bring it out
  9. I would love to know how to "recalculate balances." I have heard reference to this but I cannot find a recalculate anywhere.
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