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  1. I struggled to get the shake effect to work until I read this. I changed the length of clip to 1 second and it works - thank you! Though, I hope this would be changed and the effect would work even if the clip is shorter :'( Is there any reason for the requirement of 1 second? (also, if it can't/won't be changed, it would be great if this 1-second-limit would be mentioned somewhere in the VideoPad!)
  2. Ah, seems like I had an old version of VideoPad! I installed this new one and it works like magic. Thank you very much!
  3. I need to make one object of my project transparent because it's going to move across the screen (while there will be a background image staying still, I just removed it so the problem can be seen more clearly). When I place the transparent image to the video track, this happens: There are black pixels all over the edges of transparent area. I tried the crop, zoom and position tools to see if they'd have any effect to this, but I couldn't get rid of those pixels. I also tried to export the video to see if it's just on the preview, but the black edge could be seen on the exported video as well. I'm out of clues what to do anymore - could someone help me? Thank you in advance for any helpful tips!
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