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  1. And again.....THANKS for your help! With 3 tracks instead of 33 the export worked flawless! Should have thought about that myself but....if you're a newbe.... Thanks a lot!! :) :) :)
  2. Thanks a lot guys! This seems logic and should work. Will try it out asap! :)
  3. Mine is overlaped? How do I do that on the same track? It's clips from a concert with my own band so the transitions both in film and sound is important!
  4. I get this message to when it doesnt crash emediately. I have 8gb, can video pad use more than 4gb? and i have a ssd-disk.
  5. And then the message "doesnt answer". After a couple of times it makes a mp4-file with just the sound but no film.
  6. Nope! That didn't work! What more can be wrong?
  7. Hello there! I have worked for a couple of weeks on a project and today when I was supposed to export the videofile Videopad chrashed. I have tried the whole day on different drives, I have restarted my PC, changed the the output-file to different formats, reinstalling the program etc. But nothings helps. Some of the times it says that its stopping background queue/threads before it crashes. Other times it says that i'm running low on memory, but when i check i have a lot of memory and CPU-power left. Sometimes it says "runtime error......" for a second before it crashes. And if it does'nt crash instantly it says something like "export queue - 0 of 1 complete and then it does'nt move from 0,0 % complete even if i leave it for hours! Sometimes it creates a small MP4-file with little or no content. Please, help me! I'm working on an laptop with Intel i7-processor, 8gb ram-memory and NVidia Geforce GTX 960m graphic. /Jorgen
  8. I have videopad with paid license on my old laptop and now I wan't to transfer it to my new laptop. How can I do that??
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