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  1. Thank you Actually Borate I thank you for you suggestion of opening the file in Notepad and copying bookmarks. But this seems very confusing. Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba...note the accent on “Folklórico”I was wondering this. When I point to the bookmark, it shows the text and timeline. But that soon disappears. If only there was a way of copying that with bookmark text and timeline then I will be happier. Or there could be a way of opening a Bookmarks menu and seeing the list of bookmarks and timelines. Seems like a simple request
  2. Thanks. That's a good start. Maybe the developers could be encouraged to create a bookmarks file that is easy to use. Again thanks. By the way I'm a novice at this. Could you please tell me how to go to the position in the text for example position=1093074&color=2966267&hsequence=9 I have no idea.
  3. Thanks for your response. But if I have about 30 bookmarks that would seem like a very awkward process. I was hoping there was a way of creating a list of all bookmarks indicating the corresponding timelines. That would be a good start. Then I could save or export. Another question is this. Are bookmarks saved in a file (maybe ini). I hope my predicament is more clearly explained and understood.
  4. I am reviewing a video documentary to send comments to the video editor. I have bookmarked certain places in the video. Now I would like to send the text of the bookmarks with corresponding timelines to the editor. I do not wish to make a DVD. I need to email my comments. Or export as a soft copy. Urgent please help
  5. I opened a 4 hour audio file from a meeting in wavepad editor. I added several bookmarks and then save as the file. After 2 days I opened the file expecting to see the bookmarks. But no bookmarks. However, I do see a wbm file in the same directory. My question is how can I import the bookmark file into the audio file. Bottom line is I would like to see my bookmarks in the audio file. The Help File is silent on this issue. Please help
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