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  1. DannR, The road noise is exactly that; nothing related to the format of the music. Imagine you are riding in your car with the radio/music player turned off. That "noise baseline" of the tires, wind, and engine requires that I turn up the volume (compared to if the car isn't moving and all can hear is the radio/music player). If I convert to MP3 with Switch (or any other decent app) and listen to the music on my desktop computer, the quality is excellent. It's just when you introduce the "noise baseline" of riding in a moving car that I have to turn up the volume in order to hear the soft spots (and that's what gets the loud spots "too loud"). The music itself has no noise.
  2. I find that Switch does a nice job converting FLAC to MP3 but, in my car, there's enough road noise to force me to increase the volume (in the car) in order to hear the "soft" spots and that makes the loud portions way too loud. I think the proper settings (in Switch) involve increasing the volume 4 or 5 db but "Normalizing" Peak Loudness to -14db. Of course, I have no training in this process so I'm guessing. I'm just trying to get the low spots to be louder relative to the loud spots to compensate for the road noise. Suggestions and advice gratefully accepted. TIA Barry
  3. In other programs, J-K-L keys mean backward-stop-forward. When playing in either direction, an additional (same) key press increases the speed. Why not provide a setting that permits the use of those keys simply to make it easier (and more familiar to those coming from other apps)? Additionally, setting the "in" and "out" points in those other apps requires only a press of the "i" and "o" keys. Again, why not simplify things and make VideoPad's behavior consistent with the standards of the industry? This is not a "copyright infringement" as many apps already use these keys. Thanks PS - Already sent this suggestion in the prescribed manner but thought a thread here might prompt others to chime in.
  4. I've already reported this in the proper manner but thought I'd post it here just in case it's something specific with my Mac. VideoPad for Mac v4.45 and v4.46 both exhibit these bugs. When dragging the playhead in the timelines (both clip and sequence), moving the mouse cursor above or below the actual timeline causes a loss of focus; in other words, it's as if you released the mouse button (which, of course, I haven't) and the playhead stops moving. This makes it extremely difficult to do any editing or reviewing as it requires more mouse precision than I can muster (and I shouldn't even have to worry about this, right?). The Windows version (whatever the latest stable release is) does -not- exhibit this behavior; it works fine. Additionally, when exporting to DVD (in the Mac version), the app reports an error that -seems- to be related to the burning process. I have a Mac mini with an external DVD burner and I am wondering whether the app expects an internal burner. If I export to DVD but save it as an ISO, then burn the ISO to a DVD with another app, it burns fine and the DVD plays perfectly. In the Windows version, the export to DVD process worked perfectly but my HP has an internal burner. (By the way, both DVDs were of exactly the same project - separately constructed - and both played perfectly.)
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