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  1. Just posted that my OTF font was not available in the text dropdown menu, and have just realized that another required font -- Type 1, Caslon Open Face -- is also not available on that menu. I have purchased and installed this font and have used it successfully in all other applications for the past 23 years. If there is no way to use this font type, could someone please clarify what font types are/are not supported in PhotoPad? Thanks. -Harper
  2. I'm working on a collage project and am adding text. When I click on the font selection drop down menu, the Open Type font I need for this project does not appear in the list. FYI, I have licensed and successfully installed this font (Kaushan Script) and have used it in other applications. Suggestions (other than "use a different font" which is not an option on this project)? Thanks. -Harper
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