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  1. I have cleared all cache and it did not work. I have uninstalled Videopad and removed all residual files, then restarted my computer and reinstalled and I'm still unable to export to most formats.
  2. I've put together a somewhat complex project that make use of a dozen videos using various sections from each at altered speeds and with a number of effects and transitions. My PC has a 4th Gen Intel i7 six core processor, 16Gb RAM, AMD R7 200 Series 2Gb graphics card, 120Gb SSD with Windows 10 Pro, ASUS Sabertooth X99 motherboard. Even with this I'm getting some considerable sequence preview buffering when using Videopad even with the lowest resolution setting and I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do to eliminate the buffering or at least reduce it? I don't have any other programs running at the same time but the cpu still seems to just about max out.
  3. I've just discovered .ogv and .wmv can also be exported but I think that's it and I still would like to know why this is happening. Am I somehow missing the right codecs? I'm fairly certain I have all the same programs installed and everything up to date.
  4. I'm having the exact same problem. No matter what I attempt the only format it will successfully export is .mpg. I tried exporting the exact same complicated project on my laptop instead of my PC and my inferior spec laptop was able to export to any format but not my PC. My laptop is has an intel i5 processor, 8Gb of RAM and intel graphics. My PC has an intel i7 processor, Windows 10 Pro installed on SSD, AMD Radeon graphics and 16Gb of RAM. Both running the same Videopad version. I expect I'll be able to export much more quickly and avoid plenty of hassle if this can be resolved. Please help!
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