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    One of my hobbies is to download Porn videos from the Internet and to "beautify" them using NCH VideoPad and WavePad, and occasionally other NCH software. I'd be interested in hearing from others with similar interests.
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  1. SoundTap works great for me, but there is an option that I can't seem to find. How can I get SoundTap to record Continuously ??? Right now, the recording automatically stops when even a tiny silence is detected. There MUST Be a way to get SoundTap to keep recording even through the silences too, right??? Not having an option on SoundTap to continuously record would neglect the obvious fact that the pauses in a conversation are sometimes as important as the times when someone is actually talking. ... Joe Kulik ... So.Experienced@gmail.com
  2. Thank You VERY Much for your Expert responses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thank You very much for your expert responses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I know how to unlink the audio & video tracks of a clip in VideoPad. But is there a way to then export ONLY the soundtrack as an audio file such as an .mp3 file??? I've really looked around VideoPad, but it seems that no such option exists. Am I wrong??? Thank You !!! Joe Kulk ... So.Experienced@gmail.com
  5. "Export" has a Very Interesting option named "image sequence" which enables the user to export a clip as a sequence of photos (video frames). I myself can imagine MANY Creative Uses for "image sequence", but my problem is that this option generates TOO DAMN MANY images !!!!! I just now exported a 3 minute clip as an "image sequence" & ended up with folder containing 6200+ photos !!! ARE YOU KIDDING ??? That's CRAZY !!! In an "action clip" where there is human behavior, the difference between image 1000 & 1001 is trivial and of no use to me. In fact, the difference between image 1000 & 1010 is trivial & of no use to me. Is there some way to adjust the "image sequence" option to generate just every 30th or 50th frame instead of EVERY frame??? Also, can someone give me a clue about how 6200+ images generated from a 3 minute video clip can be of practical use to ANYONE??? Joe Kulik .... So.Experienced@gmail.com
  6. The way I most often use VideoPad is to take a long video and to "chop it up" into smaller segments or clips. I do all this in the original sequence into which I imported the original (long) video. But after I make all the "cuts" at the desired points, I can't figure out how to export just one of the smaller clips that I have carved out of the original long video. The way that I'm doing it now is 1) to save the entire "chopped up" sequence as a project, 2) delete all the clips except for the one that I want to export, and 3) then to reload the project to repeat the process of deleting all the clips except for the one that I wish to export. This s a time consuming and a "primitive" way of accomplishing what I need to do. Is there a way that I can directly export a single clip of the several that I've "carved out" of the original, long video??? JoeKulik ... USA ... 707 363 0953 ..... So.Experienced@gmail.com
  7. If I have a sequence composed of a number of different video clips, I have NO Problem inserting the next video clip at the end of the sequence. However, I can't figure out how to insert a video clip at the front (the start) of a sequence. Similarly, I can't figure out how to insert a video clip between two other video clips that are already in the sequence. Is VideoPad capable of such insertions, OR am I asking for too much here???? Joe Kulik.....Vallejo, California USA.....707 363 0953......So.Experienced@mai.com
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