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  1. Would you send me the parameters used in GoldenRecords you are using for playback from the recorded list? also your mac system parameters for "Sound" Mine are: Apple menu --> system preferences --> sound --> output --> headphones input --> USB audio CODEC GoldenRecord Preferences --> Sound record device: USB Audio CODEC Sound input channel: Channel 2 Play Window --> Built-in Output THANK YOU Gary
  2. After recording an entire side of an lp, I tried to 'play' the recording back to aid in manually splitting tracks. However there was no sound. The recording could be played back using other software - so it was a good recording. The computer is a mac book pro; Other software installed is "soundflower' and 'linein'. Any suggestions about I can get this corrected? (F.Y.I: I did not use the GoldenRecords ability to automatically split the tracks, because of the condition of the lp; and I was unable to get 'sound floor' and 'silence interval' parameters set to provide a very acceptable result) Automatic splitting works acceptably with many of my 30 year old LP's,
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