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  1. I have had Wave Pad on my computer for a few years. I have recently purchased a NEW computer and am transferring all of my software over to it from the old computer. Where do I go to do this? Are there step by step instructions how to do it properly? If not, can someone provide me with guidance. I also have Video Pad and wish to transfer it over to the new computer as well. Please advise. Thank you.
  2. I have attempted several times to create a CD of .wav files. The results are frustrating. The software hangs up in different places and then freezes the computer completely. At times, it will seemingly create the CD but when it is played (on computer or other system) it will "hang up", repetitive noises occur and the computer freezes up. My OS is Windows7 and the computer is a Dell Ispiron, relatively new. Files were created on WavePad. Can someone help with some advice on this issue? Has anyone else had the issue and solved it? It is becoming a bit costly attempting to burn one CD after the
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