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  1. Hi, I have downloaded the evaluation version for recording video from my desktop. However when I go to record the position being recorded and the size of the area are not what was specified. I am running multi-monitor on Windows 10 Pro. One important aspect I think is affecting it is that my primary window is 200% text size due to the high resolution, the other two screens are running at 100% text size. I believe this is the issue causing the problem, I am able to artificially get recordings by artificially creating an area twice the size, then moving the window into this area. However this is not ideal. I have attached a rough drawing, as stated above I believe this is to do with the text size options in the desktop display not identifying the correct monitor. Everything else seems great. Best Regards Glyn Addendum I dropped the scaling to 100% on the primary monitor, this fixed the problem after re-running Debut, however I can't actually read anything on the primary! So I can get by however this is a definitely an undocumented feature.
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