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  1. I use CRESCENDO on my main desktop computer, but there are times I would like to put a few notes down while I am (say) watching tv, or listening to some music - and this away from my computer. I have tried to download CRESCENDO on my iPad, but am unable to do so. I have an old Samsung Android tablet which needs repairing. If I get it repaired, could I download CRESCENDO onto that? Any advice would be very helpful, thanks.
  2. Thank you for replies. Ben, thanks for recommending this. I thought that TWELVEKEYS might be the facility I was looking for, but I understand this is for something quite different. Jax
  3. In a further edition (paid) Crescendo, is there a piano keyboard on the screen, whereby when a note is played on the keyboard, that note appears on the staff? Would willingly pay for this facility.
  4. I have a suggestion please: If the "Circle of Notes" was added to a dropdown menu it would be very helpful. Example: I have started a new score, inserted the Title, Key Signature and Timing. My mouse, in my right hand, is hovering on the staff and I am ready to insert the first note. Instead of moving the mouse over to the screen left side to "pick up" a note, if I clicked the mouse right hand button, I would receive this dropdown menu - Paste Ctrl V Auto Format Bar Spacing ------------------------------- Key Signature > Time Signature > Metronome Mark ------------------------------- Repeat > ------------------------------- Bar > and if the "Circle of Notes" was in this dropdown menu it would be very helpful and fast to insert notes after adding other items such as barlines, slurs etc etc Just a thought . . . Jax
  5. Hi All Although very new to this software I am stunned at how easy it is to use! I have already completed one score! Suggestion: I know I can use "B" to insert a Bar Line, but could it be added to the beige/pink 6th circle of the note input circles? I see there are two spaces available there. Just a thought . . . Thanks.
  6. I am fairly new to CRESCENDO but find it very easy to use. Two questions please: 1. What is PAN used for? 2. Can notes be made larger? My eyesight could be better . . . Thanks all.
  7. Cursor over the unwanted Bar until it turns orange and there is an arrow either side of the bar. Right Click. Receive window with options. Select Delete (at the bottom).
  8. I have been trying to find the SELECTION button or procedure as I would like to select a whole score. Cannot find it anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Jax.
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