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  1. Hi borate Amplify the sound in audacity and you will see that in deed there is something there. It is the same as the original melody, but at a lower volume and a different tone. Somehow when the sound gets imported, VideoPad resamples the audio and copied the melody a second time, but with that low volume. I compared both audios: the original and the exported one and the difference will be noticed whenever the instrument's pedal gets pushed. It is like an extra vibration. Best reagards Josef
  2. Hi Sam I did the same thing on a different computer, but this time, I worked with a wav file instead of an mp3 one. Here is what I did: 1) On VideoPad, I imported my wav file: http://technosoftgratis.okidoki.com.co/archivos/original.wav 2) Then I hit play on the "Clip Preview" window. At this point I could hear the noise. 3) Then I clicked on the imported wav file and click on: "Save Audio Clip as New File". 4) I opened the file and could hear the noise. Thanks to a post on another forum, I figured out that you can see if two files are identical in Audacity: 1) Open Audacity 2) Import both wav files 3) Select the first file and do: Effect > Invert 4) Select both files and do: Tracks > Mix and Render If both files are equal, then you should get an empty track. In my case, I got that noise, that I was hearing, while pushing the pedals. Here the isolated noise that the software generates: http://technosoftgratis.okidoki.com.co/archivos/noise.wav Up-to the 6 second, you will hear it. The possible cause is that my original wav file has this settings: Bit rate : 1 411.2 Kbps Sampling rate : 44.1 KHz But the software change it by: Bit rate : 1 536 Kbps Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz Is there any way of telling VideoPad not to change the original audio track? Or at least not trying to increase its sampling and bit rate? Best regards Josef
  3. Dear Zhang Thank you for your help. This is a really good thing. Specially if you want to sync an externally recorded audio with a video with lower audio quality. See this video: From 7:08 until 8:00. that's what I want to do. Best regards Josef
  4. Dear borate That doesn't help, see: http://technosoftgratis.okidoki.com.co/archivos/VideoPadAudio.png The height of the waveforms remains equal. Yes, you changed the tracks height, but this is not what I'm looking for. I want to zoom the waveforms. If you see my first Audio track, you will see that it is really small. This happened after having zoomed it at the maximum. Best regards Josef
  5. Hi Zhang I played both files on Windows 10 and Windows 7 and three different PCs, the wav file sounds different. It happens as I pushed the pedal of my Yamaha Electone. I even join a video with the audio and I can hear it. Unfortunately, I don't have any other playback device on my laptop, so, I can't do that test. I will upload a processed video with the audio track to youtube and see if there is a difference there. Best regards Josef
  6. Hi I'm trying to export a video + an audio track (mp3) from VideoPad version 4.40, but I figured out that my audio is being distorted after it is imported as an Audio Cip. Whenever I play the audio file on the "Clip Preview" it gets distorted, you will hear a cricket like sound (yes, I mean the insect). If I play the original mp3 file with an external player (ie: VLC and Windows Media Player), then it sound as it should. In order to show you what I mean, I exported the original mp3 file by using VideoPad as follows: 1) Right clicked on the imported mp3 2) Chose "Save Audio Clip as New File" A .wav file was produced and the problem is there. Here the links to my audios Original file Exported audio file The first four tones are normal. Just hear each time that I pushed the pedal of my yamaha organ. Is this a bug? Or perhaps a problem with my setup? I even tried converting the mp3 file to wav using WavePad and Audacity; in both cases the wav file was ok. So, I think this is either a problem with the import on VIdeoPad or with some codec that it is using. Thanks Josef
  7. I indeed have the latest version for Windows: 4.40 and I can't do what the original poster wants. You can zoom the waveforms, but it will be done only horizontally and they will be stretched. There is no way of modifying the height of the audio tracks :-( Only if you have one audio track, then you can change the height as borate mentioned: "There are five dots on the white line between the video and audio tracks. To make the audio tracks taller, place the pointer there, hold down the left mouse button and drag the window up." But with two audio tracks, the height of both of them will remain the same. Only the height of the video track will change. Is there any way to do this? Or is it just a limitation of the software? Thanks Best regards Josef
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