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  1. Ahhahhh. So if I just start with my video at 360 degrees and go backwards from there. That works Not quite intuitive but it works. Using the snaps in the preview (red dots) still only sets the rotation to a positive clockwise value - eg if I drag the snap ANTI-clockwise to -30 degrees it actually sets it to 330 degrees and then when the motion is played (animated) it rotates the clip CLOCKWISE from 0 round to +180 and then to 330 - when actually what I would want it to do is to rotate from 0 anticlockwise to -30 degrees (330 degrees). I have a fix now that enables me to rotate anticlockwise - the only time I can see this fix causing an issue is if I have a single clip that I wanted to rotate from 0 to -180 (anticlockwise say) then back round to 0 clockwise and then round to positive 180 (clockwise). I think I could possibly do this by splitting the clip. The time will come soon when I need to do this so will see how I go. Thanks for you help.
  2. Hello all, I have several times had the need to animate the rotation of a clip anticlockwise however have been unable to find a way to do it in VideoPad. It can animate the rotation clockwise but is unable to animate it anticlockwise? I have always resorted to other programs to achieve this. Is there a reason why videopad will not animate rotations anticlockwise - or a way that I have not found to make it animate rotations anticlockwise? Thanks Chris
  3. I had some difficulty doing this but found that you need to add the position effect FIRST and then apply the scale. I created effects to position four videos on the screen at the same time. Then saved the effect chains out (In the effects window ->FILE -> Save Effect Chain to File) You can copy the text below (between the lines) to notepad and save it is and "effects chain file" Filename = "Shrink to Bottom Left.vdc" ______________________________________________ videopad 1 size=2&type0=34&preset0=Custom&data0=x%3Dvalue%253D0.500000%2526keys%253D0%26y%3Dvalue%253D0.500000%2526keys%253D0&type1=35&preset1=Custom&data1=x%3Dvalue%253D-25.000000%2526keys%253D0%26y%3Dvalue%253D25.000000%2526keys%253D0&fadepoints=0&speedchange=100&audiopitchchange=0&voll=0&volr=0&mute=0 ______________________________________________ You can then open this effects chain file from the effects window in videopad. Cheers Chris
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