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  1. I am trying Disketch for making CD labels. At the moment I am using the free (domestic) version. I have three questions: 1. Can I print labels for the spines. of CD cases? If so, how? (This can be done in other label makers, but I cannot see how to do it with Disketch.) 2. In designing a label, is there any way of accurately centring an image or text block, vertically or horizontally? 3. How can I choose. the correct disc label format from the very long list of Avery and other formats for a standard home-burning CD such as a Maxell or similar one?
  2. Thank you for your reply and suggestion, Chris75. Actually I jumped the gun and, as an experiment, did set Express Burn to burn the 1.37 GB set of 23 files to an 800 MB recordable CD. It did so without any problems, reducing the size to 911.9 MB and producing a good recording of all 23 tracks. Your link for Switch is, unfortunately, no use to me because my computer is a Mac and will not open .exe files. I would try reducing the sizes of my files and burning another CD in order to compare the audio quality. Does Switch work on a Mac?
  3. I have a set of 23 AAIF tracks, whose total duration is 86 minutes and whose total size is 1.37 GB, which I want to burn to a CD. I have some 90 minute, 800 MB, recordable CDs. As far as duration is concerned, my recordings will fit onto one of these disks. My question is: will Express Burn reduce the total file size during the burning to fit the disc’s capacity of 800 MB, or should I first convert the AIFF files to more compressed ones such as mp3s? Thank you in anticipation of advice.
  4. Thank you for that. It would resolve my issue in most cases, but not all, because it does not allow me to set individual pauses, only globally. There are occasions — for instance if one wants to record two symphonies, downloaded from a record-producers' site, which will already have pauses at the ends of the movements, on one disk and wants a longer pause between the two symphonies — when one may want to set certain pauses to different values than others. It seems that ExpressBurn cannot do this, unlike, for instance, Toast.
  5. I have downloaded and installed the free ExpressBurn application for home use. I see from the Help file that one can set parameters like the pause between tracks, overburn (for recording longer material than normal on a particular CD-R), etc. But I cannot find any tabs or preference options in order to set such choices. I should be very grateful for any help.
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