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  1. this has always happened to me on my desktop if I've had a power glitch and not closed the program properly. It just doesn't remember where it was, so it must only save that information on shut down (i.e. if you exit the program normally). If I know my power is a bit flaky (storms around etc) then I just close the program now and then for it to save where I'm up to at that point and open it again. That way (for long recordings) I don't have so much to skip through to find my place. Sometimes I type on the blank line below where I'm typing (and obviously delete that at the end of my work) where I'm up to on the recording, so again even if it's not a 100% accurate timestamp it puts me in the ballpark if something unexpected happens.
  2. When you say you "highlighted that file" did you double-click it so it actually opened in Express Scribe? You need to play it from within Express Scribe. Please let me know if that helps. I'd like to attach a screen shot but don't see that I can do that.
  3. I'm reluctant to say "No" for fear that it will now start for me, but it's not a problem I've had before. I'm not sure where you load your files from, but I load mine from my computer to Express Scribe Pro and while it takes a short while (seconds) to load - my files are anywhere from 10 mins to 90 mins talk time - it doesn't hang, as such.
  4. I think you will have no option but to purchase the Phillips software. I have that happen with my clients who chose to go to Olympus DS2. Same thing - some files are okay but some have that "fast-forward" noise that lasts for an indeterminate time. I eventually had to purchase the Olympus software which I use ONLY for converting the files to DSS so that I can play them in Express Scribe. It was either that or lose my clients, which would have been much more costly to me.
  5. Aussiemate


    there shouldn't be any problems with that at all. DS2 files however, should your dictators "upgrade" their recorders are another matter. I try to discourage my clients from touching Olympus as a provider. thankfully at least one of them has decided to go Phillips instead, so they will continue to create DSS files.
  6. Wow - I went to like this and it says I have reached my quote of positive votes for the day - apparently the quota is 0 because this is the first I have tried to like! Anyway, what I wanted to say was that I actually edit my file name with "Due by .... then leave the filename in". But I absolutely agree that having 'features' that don't work is worse than not having those 'features' at all. I am presuming that the due by can be set at the time of dictation???? But that is totally a guess. It would be a very handy feature for me to have. I have 5 different clients (who all name their files differently and have different lead times) and this would be such a useful feature if it actually worked. NCH - are you listening?????
  7. If you can open the file in Express Scribe it should play with the foot pedal operating as you would expect a video to. I downloaded a video, opened it in Express Scribe and could stop/start/rewind etc as per normal.
  8. It won't let me add a screen shot (page freezes when I try to add an image), so I'll just explain. Go to the Playback options page and about half-way down there is "backstep on stop (ms)" - I have set mine to 1700 ms, but you have a play and see what suits you.
  9. As background: I use the Express Scribe window maximised (then resized to suit) I use a footpedal to operate Scribe and rarely touch play etc buttons at the bottom of the screen I general have long files to transcribe (30 to 90 mins) I play with speed a lot when transcribing. Now - I have problem in that I like to leave the Scribe window visible to one side of my Word window but I can't see the full width of the Scribe Window and my Word window simultaneously, so I'd like to make the arrow (play/fast forward etc) buttons smaller so that they take up less room. The speed and timestamps are important for me to see but the play etc buttons not at all. Alternatively if I could move things like the sender and time columns in the dictation list part of the screen it would put things like the duration and filename further to the right so that I could line up my Scribe window so that I see the right side of it only with the left side hidden by my Word window. I really don't mind which adjustment (as above) I could make but would love to be able to change one of them so that all the fields/parts of the screen I need to see are visible at once, making work a bit easier for me. Can anyone help with how I can adjust the layout to suit me?
  10. I've just found this message - almost a week after you posted it. Did it correct itself? My first advice would be to do the dreaded "reboot" and see if that just magically fixed the problem. If you are still out of action re-post and I will keep an eye out and see if I can help.
  11. I have just had to update my computer to Windows 10 (and had to rebuild the whole system for other reasons) and purchase an updated version of Express Scribe. Of course while all this is going on I am frantically busy and am so frustrated at having to recreate personalised settings for all my programmes and the operating system. But I'm stumped with Express Scribe. I am able to change the size/shape of the Express Scribe window but I don't have young eyes and the font for the dictation file names and the various tool bar items and buttons etc is just tiny. Enlarging the window just gives me more blank space but doesn't change the font size/zoom. Can anyone please tell me how to make the font size large enough to read comfortably (especially the file name font size!!). I've got Express Scribe v5.84. TIA
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