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  1. When you say you "highlighted that file" did you double-click it so it actually opened in Express Scribe? You need to play it from within Express Scribe. Please let me know if that helps. I'd like to attach a screen shot but don't see that I can do that.
  2. I'm reluctant to say "No" for fear that it will now start for me, but it's not a problem I've had before. I'm not sure where you load your files from, but I load mine from my computer to Express Scribe Pro and while it takes a short while (seconds) to load - my files are anywhere from 10 mins to 90 mins talk time - it doesn't hang, as such.
  3. I think you will have no option but to purchase the Phillips software. I have that happen with my clients who chose to go to Olympus DS2. Same thing - some files are okay but some have that "fast-forward" noise that lasts for an indeterminate time. I eventually had to purchase the Olympus software which I use ONLY for converting the files to DSS so that I can play them in Express Scribe. It was either that or lose my clients, which would have been much more costly to me.
  4. Aussiemate


    there shouldn't be any problems with that at all. DS2 files however, should your dictators "upgrade" their recorders are another matter. I try to discourage my clients from touching Olympus as a provider. thankfully at least one of them has decided to go Phillips instead, so they will continue to create DSS files.
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