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  1. I am no expert but here are my thoughts... If it says the message was too short then either IVM is not set up correctly to listen to your modem or your Record Detect Level settings are off. Check your Record Device to ensure your modem is selected, your Windows Record Mixer to ensure you do not have your input line muted and your settings for Record Detect Level to make sure it is set at a reasonable level so that it "hears" an active call. Hope this helps.
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    Data Entry

    Variable names are entered on the Key Response Tab of the OGM. Select "Data Entry (Variable) button and the menu will change to allow you to enter variables. Type in the variable name that you want in the field call Variable Name. When referring to the variable in later OGMs refer to it with percent signs (%) on each side (i.e. %variable name%). Hope this helps.
  3. Laren I am not an expert on this but here is how I think I would approach it: 1) Driver dials into the system and listens to voice prompt saying (enter mailbox number and password) 2) After the driver enters the mailbox number and password push them through an OGM whos sole purpose is to capture the most recent mailbox access info in a log 3) From that OGM pass them directly to the mailbox to listen to messages The purpose of this log is to keep the most recent time and date of access to messages. Variables I would look to capture in the log include (but may not be limited to) t
  4. FYI I am testing version 2.41 and the variable passing issues I was having seem to have been fixed in this version. It is much more stable in the new release. Still no answer on the registered trademark message at the bottom of all emails though...
  5. I have run into a couple of issues with the email notification. When I pass variable info into the text of the body of an email sometimes the variable info does not pass successfully. I can not nail it down to an exact cause but it seems to have something to do with the number of values passed (max is 5 to 6) before I start getting errors. Also when I repeat variables it appears to have problems. Any suggestions or is this a bug that has been fixed in the new release? I am using 2.31. Also is there any way to prevent the info below from showing up in my emails? I am a registered u
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