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  1. I did not have any other recording software open. I restarted teh computer and i get the same error. is there any other setting i have to do . when i go to settings. i see two option . one is my sound card and second one is audio usb microphone. i selected that. i get the same error. pls help
  2. I get a error "unable to start sound record device." I tested the speechmike with the recording software that is provided by philips and it works fine. I am not able to figure out why it will not work with express dictate. I have tried going to getting and changing the device. Ihave tried all combinations and it still does not work. could somebody help me with this problem. Raj
  3. nchtj. have you fixed this problem. it is jan 2007. I am hoping it is fixed I have the same issue. Raj
  4. yes it is possible to convert .mp3 file to .wav in the dsp truespeech format. 1. open switch software change the output format to .wav 2. click on encoder option and select dsp true speech format. 3. close the switch software. 4. open command prompt. switch -convert -hide -outfolder c:\truespeech c:\tmp.wav -overwrite always since we have not defined the output format. the switch software assumes the default settings let me know if it works.
  5. Converting Dialogic ADPCM vox to wav I am trying to convert dialogic ADPCM 8000 mono vox to wav thru command line. switch -convert -hide -outfolder e:\wav e:\wav\C551184.vox -overwrite always I opened switch and set the output format to wav and set the encoder option to dsp truespeech. when i execute this convert command i get a prompt asking me if it is dialogic ADPCM. if it click ok it works how can i default it to dialogic adpcm 8000 as the input format. so i can automate the process. pls advice
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