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  1. I'm finding there are times in node edit when the nodes and handles virtually disappear. It looks as if a particular colour is specified for these... would it be possible to make them invert of XOR the colour underneath, rather than having a colour which may match the colour your working on?
  2. Thanks for that Obtusity! I didn't see an instruction for that, and didn't think of trying it! It works well thank you!
  3. I've just started using this programme, and think it has great potential. However, I'm finding that when I zoom in on the Canvas Panel to work on detail, there are no scroll bars to move around the view - I can only zoom in to the centre of the Canvas, and if the object I want to work on is at the edge, it disappears! When the zoom exceeds the screen size, could scroll bars appar to get around this please?
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