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  1. antonc

    Monochrome image

    Hi thanks for the reply. Sadly that setting was already on 'No filter'. Playing with it, 'No filter' and 'Black and white' produce the same result. 'Inverted' and 'Sepia' both work as expected however.
  2. antonc

    Monochrome image

    I've looked a bit further and have found a 'ColorEnable' setting which is greyed out. Any idea how to get this feature available?
  3. antonc

    Monochrome image

    Hello, I've got one of those ClimaxDigital usb capture devices and the bundled software kept crashing so I found Debut and after a trial managed to work out what was wrong in many of the settings. For one I'm in the UK so had to set it up for PAL M format rather than the NSCS or whatever it defaults to. So I got it working, kind of. I can import and the software looks and works smoothly. I'm impressed. The only issue seemed to be the image is in black and white. I thought maybe that was a limitation of the free version so I registered for the pro version. Alas it still happens. I know its not the device because the bundled software showed colour capture for a few seconds before it crashed. What can I do to ensure I get full colour capture?
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