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  1. Update: I checked the support page and the only relevant thing I can find is this sentence: http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/kb/1757.html The system-wide hot-keys are not working on my Mac Be sure to press the "fn" key when using your hotkeys. Which is strange because 1) I've never, ever had to do that in years of using Express Scribe for Mac and 2) this would be so cumbersome that the primary advantage of using Express Scribe for transcription would be nullified. I might as well use VLC and use the built-in Mac media player keys for iTunes instead, it would be the same thing a
  2. After installing the updated software, my hotkeys were no longer there in the settings, so I had to re-do them. I just re-tried this and the same thing happened again, so I'm explaining it in detail. I don't understand. I assigned the hotkeys the same way I've always assigned them in all the years I've used the PC version of this software, with no problems. I went to Preferences > Hot-Keys and it had the default hot-keys. I selected and deleted them, and clicked "Add". The box comes up that says "Add New Hot-Keys" and Click "Change..." to assign key. I click the button and a ne
  3. I have used Express Scribe for a while from Mavericks to El Capitan. Not that it's problem free (in fact it's full of problems) but the problems didn't seem to get better or worse when upgrading to El Capitan. I did, however, recently come across a bug where hotkeys won't work on version 5.82. I solved this by downgrading back to 5.77. I can't say if this is specific to El Capitan or just another of a hundred bugs.
  4. I use El Capitan on a MacBook Pro with the larger Mac wired keyboard (the one with the full number pad). This is specifically to use the number pad as hotkeys. Note that if you upgrade to any version later than 5.77, these number pad hot keys will stop working. Your only solution would seem to be to downgrade back to 5.77 or earlier. Also, surprisingly, punching your keyboard till your hands are bloody, does not rectify the issue. A friendly reminder to always keep backup installer files handy.
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