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  1. Hello I have several webinars I have to edit which all have numerous sections of obvious, audible breathing noises. I have done this manually on 9 files and it's so tedious I'm looking into automating the process. I'm using WavePad 6.33 Masters Edition (paid) I also have VideoPad Professional 4.30 (paid) Currently the way I'm manually removing the breath sounds is to select the area, go to Cleanup, select Low-Pass filter, I have entered 50hz frequency and "Use previous entered". This is working for removing the breath sounds. I looked into the section Tools, Options, Keys and I can create a hotkey or macro to automate the process from the available options but Low-Pass filter is not one of them for some reason, even though High-Pass is. I found if I make the High-Pass a frequency of 8736 it seems to accomplish about the same thing as I was doing using the low pass set at 50hz. But I'm wondering if I'm not using the best command for the desired task? I don't want to silence the selections because then it sounds dead and edited. I don't want to cut the selections because the audio track has to sync with the video. Can anyone suggest any better methods?
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