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  1. I selected multiple clips in a audio track, selected the first one, then scrolled to the end of the track, held Shift and clicked, all selected.


    Then I went to the menu bar, Audio Effects, Amplify, Apply to All, choose, the Amount i wanted amplified, 150, close it, the only track that is amplified to 150 is the last one, the rest are at default, 100.



  2. I went to the main seq, pulled it up in the clip preview, and then selected the area that I wanted exported with the blue and red slides. Then exported the video.


    The video exported where I wanted, there is the appropriate amount of sound time, however the sound is from the first 20 secs of the main seq, not the area that I isolated. After the video portion is over, the rest of the time on the exported video is silence for 20 plus minutes, and no video.

  3. Recently upgraded to 4.33 and now there appears to be a major rendering error when I render a small segment of a sequence.


    As you can see in the picture, I have time edited a small portion of my main sequence for an opening, approximate 20 secs, when I "export" that area to video, it exports the video as expected, however it takes the first x amount of sound on the main sequence instead of the sound that is for that part of the segment.


    Then, when I play the video, the video plays where it should, and the sound last as long as the video, then it shows where the video stopped for the entire length of the actual segment, which is 20 min or so. The actual segment I need is only 20 or so seconds.


    I have not rendered an entire video yet, in the new version.....



  4. If you click the SEQUENCE tab above the preview window you will see both background video and effects.


    To avoid toggling, open OPTIONS and check the "show dual preview" box. Best of both worlds.

    You can then apply effects in the effects box with the sliders, or in the preview window itself.


    Thanks, that does help.....I installed a second monitor to my laptop, now ever better! I do like the ability to apply effects to a sequence in a sequence! I couldn't do that in a previous version.

  5. Is it possible to have the video show in the background when editing the effects like in the old version? It's hard to time the effects now in the new one.


    I agree, now that I upgraded to 4.33, the effects screen is completely different. It's as I have to lean a new program.


    I do appreciate all the upgrades and the hard work you are doing, however, when you make a big change like this, it is a new learning curve. I am already taking to much time to edit, and now have to start over learning the effects screen. Having the video on the same screen as the effects makes it easier.

  6. The screen shots show that it was an older version. Could you please try it on the latest version (4.33)?


    Edit: Never mind, I've reproduced the issues in v4.33. We'll get it fixed ASAP. Thanks for reporting the bug.


    I believe I have v4.33.

  7. Hello -


    I am trying to apply a mask to an area on a clip. What I am doing is trying to make a gravestone clipart appear to rise out of the ground in a certain location on the clip.


    I have inserted the clip to the area, scaled it down, positioned it where I would like to it to start, and then add a mask to the area I want it to rise up in. It works okay, however, there is a duplicate image inthe middle of the screen. I have checked to make sure I did not add 2 images and I have not. When I run the animation, the area that is masked runs, but runs twice, and the image inthe middle just stays there.


    Here are the pictures:






    And the affects screen:




    If I delete the mask, the image in the middle goes away.


    Am I doing something wrong?



  8. I do not have tool bars on the clip and sequence windows. I want to delete certain parts of the video and certain parts of my audio. I see the tools on the youtube tutorial videos and it looks like using these tools is how to accomplish this. I just upgraded to the latest version, yet I do not have these tools, please advise..


    Can you screen shot?

  9. A sequence can be dragged up to the "overlay" area, where it will appear on top of other sequences. Of course, that may foul up your overlays.


    Also, there's a line of 5 dots ..... under the preview window. Place the cursor there and drag upwards, to reveal many more sequences - at the expense of preview window size.


    Thanks, for responding, however, what I mean is that I have a row of sequences, for example, "A, B, C, D, E" on the timeline, and I need them to be "D, B, A, C, E". Is there a way to rearrange them?

  10. Hi


    With two videos reduced in size and in different positions....one on the main track and one on the overlay track (or both on different overlay tracks), clicking the background button when using the POSITION effect does occasionally leave the preview screen black. It maybe your PC or a bug as with repeat clicking on the Background button, the videos redisplay and toggle between themselves showing first one and then the other.

    However all you need to do to position your two videos, is to open the POSITION effect for the first one and drag it to the place required. Apply this and then open the POSITION effect for the second video and repeat the procedure. Both videos will be seen against whatever background you have chosen.




    I believe I figured out the issue....if the time cursor is at the end, once I touch the video, it disappears. I have to move the time cursor back to the beginning, or anywhere other than the end.


    And yes, I am using 4.30 thanks!

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