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  1. Hi Les, Did you try out the Journal functionality? It's actually pretty simple to use it! What are your main issues? Best wishes, Thomas
  2. I was facing the same problems. In my case it helped when i cut all white area around the logo off. After that, with no margins around the logo, it always ended up on the spot i wanted to have it. Moreover, the size of the logo can be adjusted, and this may also be a possible source of error. If the logo is too big to fit on the right spot, the programm sometimes creates a mess as described above, especially if there is a lot of white area/margins around the logo...
  3. very simple: go to the journal and make a manual booking. bank (or any other account you want to deposit the money) to capital investment, amount XY.
  4. Hi there, I would be happy to get the PDF file as well on: cloudpackaging@irgroup.com.pk. Thx a lot for your help!
  5. Hello Everybody I just set up the NCH Express Accounts software and defined all the settings. Everything seems to be really easy to handle, however I could not find any line where you can add your bank details to invoices or order confirmations! Is there any such functionality? Thanks for helping me as a rookie ;-) Best wishes, Thomas
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