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  1. hi, pls see pm! best regards leo
  2. Hi, thank You a lot for Your answer! am sorry, i was a bit buisy ... to set the gop-options would be great in the future! however i could get along without if the settings are set automatically to an appropriate value. i mean, i dont know, maybe there are other reasons for this anoying behavior that i can skip through the video. so i ve made screenshots with my settings also i have analized an output video with gspot, here the results. both you can see here with this video i got waiting times when skipping forwar or backward between 1sec and 10sec, where in general i get better results when playing with divx-player than playing with vlc-player. also the pixelating effect appears mostly with vlc. can You see a reason for this behavior with the given info or do You need more? best regards leo
  3. hello, after saving my movie in .avi i get following problem: when jumping through the movie it takes a long time till my player (vlc) has loaded. i heard there is often a option within video editors in general called GOP (group of pictures) where you can adjust the number of frames taken into seqential packages. it seems that videopad puts all frames into one package which forces the videoplayer to calculate all frames each time when jumping forward or backward. how can i change this behavior? sometimes i get also on some spots pixelating pictures ... cheers leo
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