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  1. @borate I am sure it is transparent, because before I add any effects to the image, the other layers are still displayed behind it. You mentioned that I can resize using the images handles. Should those be displayed or do I have to enable them to be viewed?
  2. The version I'm using is VideoPad Professional v. 4.22. I'm not really sure if I can show the problem using a screenshot, mostly because all that happens is that the image is automatically given a black background.
  3. Hi all, Relative newcomer here so hopefully I'm just missing something obvious, but... I'm trying to create three separate basic two-frame animations on different video layers. Problem is, when I insert the image, it goes full screen, so I'm forced to add the effect of changing it's size. (side question, is there a way to change image sizes without making keyframes?) The first layer went fine, but when I created the second video layer and edited the PNG image, an automatic black background is applied that I can't get rid of. Is there a way to remove that background, or just an easier way to resize images? Thanks!
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