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  1. I'll send a message to c_major with a link.
  2. Hi. One issue I've had for quite a while now is that sometimes (especially in complicated projects), the frame rate on some sequence(s) are low. I normally do 60fps videos so that really shows. I've managed to create a small Project where I can replicate this issue every time. Could you have a look at it? In this one the issue happens right at the beginning, but usually I have this happening later in the exports. Might be the flip transition causing it?
  3. I sent you a private message with a link.
  4. Hey again. I think this has been an issue before and was fixed at some point since I've made similar projects before (successfully), but now when I try to export a video that is meant to play in a seamless loop, I get this/these black frame(s) at the end. So when I try to play it in a loop, it doesn't play smoothly anymore because of this. What I use in my project is an image that is set to 30s, it uses the temperature and glow effect in the middle. No black frames set at the beginning or end of the sequence. Everything looks normal in the preview.
  5. Hi. I've also had problem with this part: "And thirdly, I often see certain clips being lower than expected frame rate than other clips." All my clips are 60 fps and I'm exporting the video as 60 fps. However, sometimes certain clips look like as if they're below 30fps, close 20 or so. Seems to mostly happening in complicated projects. To get around this, I usually need to export the Project in small sections, then combine them again in the editor.
  6. Hi. I've created a mp4 file that has 2 separate audio tracks in it. When I look at the propertion of the file inside the VideoPad editor, it shows it has the 2 tracks in it. However, when I Place the file in a sequence, it only shows Audio Track 1. How can I add the 2nd track here also?
  7. Is it possible to have the video show in the background when editing the effects like in the old version? It's hard to time the effects now in the new one.
  8. JaniN


    Oh nice, thanks! That makes sense now. I always thought that the capture device would actually capture 60 fps, but seems it doesn't. This fixed my issue. Thank you so much .
  9. JaniN


    @c_major Just PM'd you details how to download my Project files with some details of the issue I have. Also, in the new version, when I add effects to my clips, isn't there a way to place the original clip in the fx editor so it's easier to edit the overlaying images etc like in the previous versions? Now when I edit a jpg for example, I can't easily align it with the original clip.
  10. JaniN


    I'll do a record sample of this soon. I don't think it's because of PC/player, since the original clip playes just fine. When I just convert it through VideoPad the exported video has these lags every few (5-10) seconds. Also when I've uploaded it to YouTube the lags are still there at the exact same spots.
  11. JaniN


    Sounds like a good set of release notes! Will give it a try now . Edit: Still getting that "laggy" effect in the exported video.
  12. JaniN

    VideoPad v4.30

    I just tested by unchecking that option and it didn't help. That way I think it does the "lagging" even more.
  13. JaniN

    VideoPad v4.30

    Is there any estimate of when the next version will be out? Having my projects on hold until the fix is available (if the new version comes fairly soon).
  14. JaniN

    VideoPad v4.30

    Ok, I hope you can get this fixed soonish . Tried the new version and everything else seems to be working fine.
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