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  1. update, I downloaded the lastest update for the free version, and my client uploaded the large file again to the FTP server and this time it worked... so not sure if it was an issue with the upload or the update but at least it worked!
  2. I have been receiving files from Express Scribe through a server for a long time, only once when the dictation was over 60 min it refused to upload. Now even when it will upload at that end, it gives me a 'invalid file size' error when I try to load it at my end. The dictation is between 20 and 30 min on these files. It has happened twice this week and prior to that files over 40 min would load. What could have changed? and how do I get around this? I am using the free version, the files are being loaded from Express Scribe Pro. I can see the downloaded files in the folder with windows explorer, but Express Scribe does not 'see' the and I get the error message Thanks
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