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  1. However, when playing the piece with an 8va dynamic, the playback is not an octave higher.
  2. I need to play a whole note and a half note in the treble clef. Example: Play an A with finger 1 (whole note) and an F with finger 4 (half note) Then, while holding the A, release the F and play a G with finger 5 Crescendo will not allow notes of different duration to begin on the same beat on the same staff, or is there something I missed.
  3. When I playback a piece where the dynamics change from mp to pp the volume increases instead of decreases. Anyone else notice this?
  4. Hi. I want to get some help on how to hold a note while playing other notes on the same staff. I am using 4:4 timing and on my Treble Clef I have 8 x 1/8 notes and on my Bass Clef I have a whole note at the start of the bar and a 1/8 rest, a 1/8 note and a 3/4 note. When I play back the music my Treble plays fine but the Bass plays the whole note and doesn't play my 1/8 or 3/4 notes UNTIL the Treble has finished playing instead of holding the whole note WHILST playing the other 2 notes. I am able to get around this by adding another staff and placing the whole note there by itself but I am up to 4 staffs per bar now and its taking up a lot of space. Is there an easier way to do this Being new to this forum I was surfing the topics and came across this. You probably already have figured this out, but your whole note on the bass clef has the same count as the 8 quarter notes on the treble clef. This means that the additional notes on the bass clef will only play after the eight notes on the treble clef. (You have a 4 count in your treble clef and you are trying to add an 8 count to your bass clef) You would have to add the extra bass notes into an additional bar and add another whole note in the bar above them and tie this new whole note to the previous one.
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